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Update 2 - Yellow Labrador Retriever with Cushing's Disease

From: Patricia

Subject: Update 2 - Yellow Labrador Retriever with Cushing's Disease

Labrador Retriever: Haley

I just received some great news from my friend Patricia who has been keeping me up to date with her yellow Labrador Retriever Haley. For those of you that don't know, the beautiful Haley was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease. You can read all of the prior e-mails on Haley by visiting:

Yellow Labrador Retriever with Cushing's Disease

UPDATE - Yellow Labrador Retriever with Cushing's Disease

Reader's E-mail - Patricia Writes:

Dear Fay,

Great news!!!! I took Haley, my Yellow Lab to the University of Georgia small animal teaching hospital. They did a thorough evaluation of her and determined that she does indeed have Cushing's disease. They started treatment with Trilostane 30 mg twice a day and determined after 6 weeks to increase the dosage to 60 mg in the am and 30 mg in the pm.

Haley just got back from UGA and is in EXCELLENT health. She is down to a trim 86 lbs from a massive 105. She is strong and healthy and happy. The trilostane has been an answer to my prayers. AND the best news is NOW FDA approved. Also, the only side effect she has is loose stools, which are still better than when on Lysodren.

In case some of your readers are interested, the trilostane does not kill the adrenal cells like the Lysodren does. It basically interferes with the message the adrenal glands receive to produce more cortisol. I highly recommend going this route. I have a different dog and a very positive outlook for Haley's future.

Thank you for being so supportive in my quest for help. You have been a blessing. And you taught me to follow my instincts. Thank you for your wonderful site and your prayers!

Love, Patti

All About Labradors Blog

I hope this can be of some help to other owners who have Labrador Retrievers that have been diagnosed with Cushing's Disease. I would like to thank Patricia for keeping us up to date on Haley's condition and her treatments. As much as she thanks me for my help, I must thank her just as much because it is of great help to me and hopefully will be helpful to some of the readers of this blog.

To see photos of Haley (along with Chloe) visit: Chloe and Haley 9/28/07

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