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UPDATE - Yellow Labrador Retriever with Cushing's Disease

Here are some of the different updates I have received from Patricia in regards to Haley, her yellow Labrador Retriever with Cushings Disease.

I have to give a big hello and thank you to Patricia for keeping me updated along the way with the beautiful Haley.

These are some of the e-mails sent back and forth between myself and Patricia that I am posting, for they may be of help to other readers that may be dealing with the same condition with their Labrador Retriever.

To read the original email, visit Yellow Labrador Retriever with Cushing's Disease

Reader's E-mail - Patricia Writes:

Hi Fay,

Thank you for asking about Haley. Well, last check up was 1 month ago. My Vet raised her Lysodren to 2 pills 3 times a week. She still wasn't suppressed. I tried a natural remedy called Phosphatidyl Serine in addition to the Lysodren. Unfortunately, it resulted in terrible diarrhea and hemorrhoids. I take her in for another Stim test this Friday. Hopefully she will be suppressed. If not, I am going to find someone who specializes in Cushing's Disease in Atlanta and take her there.

She is in great spirits and seems to be the same old Haley; playing ball and swimming every chance she gets!

Thanks again for checking in. I will let you know what happens!

All About Labradors Blog Response:

Hi Patricia,

How did the Stim test go with Haley. Sorry it took me a while to respond in regards to finding a specialist but I had little luck finding one, and everyone I wrote to could not give me a good recommendation for Atlanta.

I did manage to find one:

Georgia Veterinary Specialists
455 Abernathy Road Atlanta

You will need a referral from your primary care veterinarian prior to calling to schedule an appointment with any of our specialists.

Sorry I couldn't be more help with this.


Reader's E-mail Patricia Writes:

Hi Fay,

Update on Haley. I decided after our last Stim test and she still wasn't suppressed to get a second opinion. So, I took her to the University of Georgia Small Animal Teaching Hospital. They are wonderful there! They kept over night and did a complete and thorough analysis. It included bloodwork, cultures of blood, urine and stool and a Liver Aspirate and liver Biopsy.

Results that came back are consistent with Cushing's but the Vet is not convinced it is yet. Haley could possibly have an infection that is masking itself as Cushing's. I have to take her back next week. We have been off all Lysodren for almost a month. When we go in, the Vet wants to do another Stim test to see if she is still suppressed. If she is, then she likely has an infection and we will test some more. If she isn't suppressed, she has a newer drug she wants to use. She has had much success with it. It blocks the message being sent to the adrenals to produce Cortisol. The drug is not approved in the US yet, but Haley can still get it through a pharmacy here.

Thanks for thinking of me. I will write back as soon as I hear anything.


All About Labardors Blog Response:

Hello Patricia,

How are you? How is Haley doing since she's been off the Lysodren? I hope she is well!

I'm very happy to hear you have found a nice veterinarian (teaching facility) to bring Haley to. You must e-mail me the address and the phone number to the University of Georgia Small Animal Teaching Hospital. It will be of great help for future readers.

I don't remember reading anything on a new drug for Cushing's. Did you happen to catch the name? Possible trilostane (Vetoryl in England). Please let me know on the drug also.

Thank you sooooooooo much for keeping me updated, I appreciate it and I'm glad to hear that Haley is getting proper treatment.

Keep me updated and make sure to take care of yourself and Haley.


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Reader's E-mail - Patricia Writes:

Hi Fay!

Great to hear from you. Haley is such a different dog off of the Lysodren. She is very happy. She really seems asymptomatic for Cushing's Disease. We will see what the doctor says next week. Yes, it is trilostane. Have you heard much about it? Here is a website link to the Teaching hospital where I take Haley.

You do need a referral from your primary Vet, but it is worth it, they are very thorough and very much animal lovers. Haley had to stay overnight for a liver biopsy. When they went to feed her she was so nervous, they actually had a Vet Student in training stay in the run with her and feed her by hand. Then, the next day after her biopsy, she cried when they put her back in the run. So the same student let Haley sleep at her feet while she caught up on hours of paperwork. They care so much about the animals. When I picked her up, everyone we passed in the hall knew her by name and gave her a kiss goodbye. It was amazing.

Thanks for thinking of me. Let me know what you think of the Trilostane.


All About Labradors Blog Response:

Hi Patricia,

Thank you for sending the information on the teaching hospital and your praise in regards to them. It sounds like a very special, caring facility and I'm happy to hear Haley is getting the proper care she needs. Your information on the hospital will be very useful for all the other readers of All About Labradors blog!

I remember reading some positive reviews about the use of Trilostane as opposed to Lysodren in one of the many dog newsletters I receive, but can't seem to remember which one. I think the aging process is starting to take my memory away :)

You have probably done your research on this drug, but I am listing some further sites for you to review on Trilostane.

New Treatment Options in Canine Cushing's Syndrome

New Therapy Option

Current Treatment Options of Canine Hyperadrenocorticism

Trilostane Therapy Of Canine Hyperadrenocorticism

Vetoryl Brochure

As always keep me updated with Haley's condition and treatment. Take good care of yourself and Ms. Haley.


The wonderful Haley (along with Chloe) can be seen by clicking: Chloe and Haley 9/28/07

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