Friday, December 30, 2005

All About Labradors Disclosure Policy

Here at All About Labradors blog I write about Labrador Retrievers and other dog breeds and products. All works on this blog are the original work of the author. If there is ever a post that is not original content or if parts of the post are taken from press releases or companies sites it will be noted in the post. Opinions on products or companies will not be influenced due to payment or free products. If it is a press release for a company it will be labeled as such, if payment or product is given to write a review for a product it will not influence my review in any way shape or form.

Product Reviews:

The products reviewed here on All About Labradors are given to me for free, however a purchased product will be noted. I will give my honest opinion on every product I review (even the ones given to me for free). I will not take a free product just because it is free, if it is something I think I will like I will take it. If a product is something I know that I won’t like, I won’t take it or review it.

Negative reviews will not be posted UNLESS it is something I feel very strongly my readers need to know. I could find something wrong with a product and someone else could absolutely love the product. It takes too much time to write up a review. I will instead email the company with my findings and give them honest feedback on my thoughts on the product. I would rather focus on the positives and the products I love and instead email the company/pr any negatives.

Sponsored Posts/Press Releases:

These are exactly what they are called sponsored, meaning a company paid me (either in cash or free product, non review) to write up a post about their company, product, new items, etc or they gave me a press release to post. If it is not my original writing and a press release of a company it will be noted in the post. I will not write or take sponsored posts for products or companies I would not purchase from or items I do not think I would like. These posts will be categorized as sponsored and may be noted in the post.

This policy is subject to change at any time and will be updated as needed. For questions about this blog, please contact Fay using the Contact Us button.

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All About Labradors Privacy Policy

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