Monday, January 31, 2011

Black, Yellow and Chocolate Lab Names for Your Labrador Retriever

Looking for ideas for Labrador Retriever names? Lets face it, this breed is one, if not THE most popular dog breed in the world. And because of this it deserves a name that's as special as the dog itself.

Sure, you could come up with any dog name, but why not try to find a name that actually fits? A name that reflects this dogs intelligence, sociable nature, or even it's physical characteristics like it's color.

Since we believe that special dogs deserve special names, when coming up with the Labrador Retriever dog names shown below, we chose 3 lab name categories that we felt would help you to think a bit out of the box when it comes to selecting the best Labrador Retriever names. These categories are…

General Lab Names…

These general names were chosen and suggested simply because we felt they would sound good on a lab. We didn't feel that just any dog name would fit this particular breed. As an example, Fifi would be a great Poodle name, but not on a lab. Here's a few dog name suggestions that we thought might be a good match…

Cassidy: This name has a friendly, easy going sound to it, and it seems to be a good match with this breeds temperament.

Charisma: Somebody who has charisma is someone with personal magnetism. If you've noticed that your lab is drawing a lot of attention, then the name Charisma might be an appropriate match.

Fetch: A good name match for a dog that’s a Retriever.

Jazz: A smooth and cool sounding name, and one that might appeal to a music loving owner.

Ricochet: For the lab that’s all over the place!

Other General Lab Name Ideas…

Amanda, Bailey, Bandanna, Boone, Cabo, Caboodle, Cha-Cha, Chelsea, Cheyenne, Cody, Denali, Hailey, Kahuna, Maui, Rio, Sierra, Tango, Tiara

Black or Chocolate Lab Names…

Should you be the proud owner of a Retriever whose color is black or chocolate, here's some name suggestions and a list of names that might be a good fit for it's dark color…

Java: For an energetic black lab that doesn't need caffeine.

Kahlua: A good match for a chocolate lab whose owner is fond of either this famous drink, or Hawaii from where it originates, or both!

Panther: For the lab that's as stealthy and sleek as a black panther.

Sable: Named after the highly valued black sable fur, the lab given this name should be one that carries itself well and that knows its special.

Other Black Or Chocolate Lab Name Ideas…

Aurora, Coco, Ebony, Eightball, Espresso, Hoodlum, Luna, Midnight, Nighthawk, Phantom, Raven, Salem, Shadow, Star, Storm, Taboo

Yellow Lab Names…

Blondes have more fun! So giving your yellow lab a name that highlights its beautiful coloration will make it stand paws above the rest. Here's a few naming suggestions and a list of names after things that are bright or yellow…

Butter: Don't laugh, but I encountered a yellow lab recently who owned this very memorable and unique name. I'll never forget having met Butter!

Marilyn: For the blonde lab whose owner is a Marilyn Monroe fan. This sultry pooch draws the attention of everyone as it enters the room one hip at a time!

Sundance: This energetic dog brightens everyone's day.

Other Yellow Lab Name Ideas…

Amber, Autumn, Blondie, Chiquita, Daisy, Ember, Garbo, Goldie, Harlow, Meadow, Omelet, Paris, Sandy, Sahara, Savanna, Sunny, Zsa Zsa

When looking for Labrador Retriever Names, they're easy to find when you consider your labs temperament and physical characteristics when choosing a name. If you take care to choose the right one, not only will your dog appreciate it, but he will also attract more attention…thus more petting, playing and treats!

When Richard Livitski isn't busy digging up Labrador Retriever Names, he's working on his dog names website where dog names and puppy names in all shapes and sizes can be found.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

5 Reasons Your Dog May Have a Seizure

Fits, as they are referred to in England, occur when the body is not properly controlled by the brain. In the U.S. these fits are more often called seizures. The purpose of this article is to provide a brief summary as to some of the many causes of dog seizures.

EPILEPSY. Epilepsy is a main cause of seizures in dogs, but it is not the only reason and not all seizures mean a dog has epilepsy. The most common form of epilepsy was made known to the world by a group of idiots walking through the woods one day and they all found themselves on the same path, and collectively observed a wolf in a clearing doing the hokey-pokey. This group told the rangers and since the group was considered a group of idiots, the term used to describe this type of seizure is idiopathic epilepsy. OK, so that story is completely made up, however, the true story behind this term doesn't make much more sense and is actually kind of boring. The truth is that the experts use the term "idiopathic epilepsy" to describe a situation when a dog is having seizures and they don't know the actual, true cause.

TOXINS. There are a lot of different types of toxins that dogs can become in contact with or ingest that will cause them to have seizures. Toxins can be anything from a household cleaning product, somethings used to kill pests or even things like flea medication that is meant to be used on a dog. Other things that are toxins that can bring about seizures, include paint, insecticides and antifreeze, which are also products that can be fatal. If a dog is exposed to such toxins, early and fast treatment is important because in many cases the dog can be saved and make a recovery if the poisoning is caught early.

BRAIN TUMORS. This condition is easy for a veterinarian to rule out, because it is easy to spot any type of abnormal growth on the canine's brain if he is brought in for seizures. Tumors cause pressure to build upon the brain tissue as they grow, causing neurological abnormalities such as seizures. This can easily be determined through the use of diagnostic scans such as CAT or MRI, however it must be stated that this is a rare condition in that tumors and other head injuries are only responsible for a very small number of dog seizures. A tumor or a head injury that causes seizures cannot be treated with medications, so that is why it is important to rule these causes out.

TICK INDUCED DISEASES. A tick, a bloodsucking arachnid, can cause Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in dogs, both of which can cause seizures. If the tick is discovered within the first 24 hours after it has attached itself to the dog, the chance of infection is greatly reduced. There are antibiotics that can kill Lyme Disease, and most dogs respond quite well in general to antibiotics.

DISTEMPER. This condition is generally marked by symptoms such as a fever, diarrhea and dehydration, all of which can lead to seizures in dogs, and is seen most commonly in puppies once they reach the age of 3 months and lose the antibodies they received from their mother. Only through the use of vaccinations can this debilitating disease be prevented, and once a dog has acquired it, they have a fight ahead for their very lives.

Sandra DeMers is the author of "Cory's Story," the story of a yellow Labrador retriever suffering from dog seizures that will absolutely AMAZE you. Cory is alive, happy and healthy at the age of 13 and hasn't had a seizure in over 5 years. Visit to learn Sandra's secret to good canine health and how to treat canine epilepsy - you'll be surprised when you learn the truth.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Are You An Environmentally Aware Pet Owner?

Next to new parents, pet owners are most likely to spend copious amounts of money on spoiling their ‘babies,” and there certainly is a lot of accessories available to help them do it! Cat and dog owners can pick up fancy collars, tailor made shirts and sweaters, Halloween costumes, booties, perfume, and even heated pet beds. You name it; it’s probably out there waiting for you to buy it! One of the most important accessories that you can ever purchase for your pet - dogs in particular- are pet waste bags. All pet owners know how important it is to clean up after their pet, but have you ever considered how important it is to try to be as environmentally friendly as possible while you’re cleaning up after them?

Think about how many dog waste bags you go through in an average month. If you’re using grocery bags or a cheap throw away type of bag, think about how much plastic ends up in landfills every year just from one single dog. It’s actually quite astounding.

Thankfully, there are products out there that let dog owners keep their yards and neighborhoods clean while still managing to be earth and landfill aware. Biodegradable pet waste bags are an excellent option for animal owners who still want to try to be environmentally friendly. They cost just pennies more, can be purchased in bulk, and come in a ton of different great patterns and colors so you and your dog can do your part while still having a bit of fun with it. If your local pet store doesn’t carry biodegradable pet or dog waste bags, ask them to. Most pet stores are more than happy to carry alternative products if they know that they have customers that want to purchase them.

You can still get the goofy sweaters and bright leashes and fun bows, but adding the biodegradable pet waste bags to your shopping list means that you can feel good about your environmental choices while still spoiling your furry friend.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Free $20 Dingo Brand Coupon

Dingo, makers of meat and rawhide chews and products for dogs has a promotion on their Facebook page where you can get a free $20 online coupon to when they get to 25,000 "Likes".

From the Dingo Facebook page: "Like Dingo then go to the Join My List tab to sign up to receive the $20 coupon when Dingo gets to 25,000 likes."

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Free Doggy Gift Pack From Subaru

Subaru Game Day Dog Walk Event - February 6, 2011.

"Instead of parking it on the couch for an 8-hour football marathon, do something good for you and your dog. Join us for the Subaru Game Day Dog Walk Event. It’s not only a great way for you and your pooch to get some exercise, but you just might meet some new friends as well.

Pledge to walk your four-legged friend on game day and receive a free doggy gift pack from Subaru, while supplies last."

* Available to USA residents. While supplies last. No purchase necessary. Limit one per household. Offer ends Monday, February 7, 2011. A Subaru representative will contact you for your shipping address to receive your gift.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

$2/1 Purina One beyOnd Pet Food Coupon$2/1 Purina One beyOnd Dog Food Coupon

Here's a coupon for Purina’s new dog food called Purina One beyOnd.

$2/1 Purina One beyOnd Pet Food Coupon

To get your $2/1 Purina One beyOnd Dog Food Coupon, "Like" Purina ONE on Facebook. If you have trouble printing their coupon, you will see a link on their page that reads "Having trouble printing? Click here for help," click on that link to have the $2/1 Purina One beyOnd Dog Food Coupon mailed to you.

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$5/1 Purina Pro Plan Dog Food Coupon

Found this great coupon for those of you that feed your Labrador Retrievers Purina Pro Plan.

5 off Purina Pro Plan Coupon

To get the $5/1 Purina Pro Plan Dog Food Coupon, Simply "Like" Pro Plan on Facebook and print your coupon out.

You can print the $5/1 Purina Pro Plan Dog Food Coupon out twice by hitting your browsers back button. Coupons go fast, so don't delay!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Free Beneful Incredibites Dog Food Sample

Walmart is offering Free Beneful Incredibites Dog Food Samples.

Information about Beneful Incredibites Dog Food:

"Made with great-tasting, protein-rich ingredients, including real beef. Every piece is small-sized, easy-to-chew and fun-to-eat. Beneful IncrediBites® is another way you can help your dog have it all- taste, nutrition, health and happiness.

Protein-rich nutrition, with real beef, for strong muscles.

Calcium-rich ingredients, including yogurt, to help support strong bones and a healthy smile.

Wholesome grains, packed with carbohydrates, for energy.

Antioxidant-rich nutrition helps support a healthy immune system."

Healthful. Flavorful. Benful. Request your Free Beneful Incredibites Dog Food Sample while supplies last.

Limit (1) sample per household. Samples are only available to consumers in the United States.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Hill’s Science Diet Weight Loss System Giveaway

Recently, we were contacted by a representative for Hill’s Pet Nutrition, wanting to know if the All About Labradors blog would be interested in helping them out with the debut of an innovative new pet food line specially formulated to help pets lose weight or maintain a healthy physique.

"The Hill's® Science Diet® Weight Loss System is an easy to follow and convenient system that gives the owner of an overweight pet everything she needs to help her pet achieve and maintain a healthy weight."

To help Hill’s Pet Nutrition with this promotion, All About Labradors has been given the opportunity to offer five free one month sample kits for owners of overweight dogs to try and participate in the weight loss system program.

If your interested in participating, the first five readers to send us an e-mail at retrieverlabradors {at} yahoo {dot} com with your type of dog and contact information will receive a free sample kit. You can also contact us by clicking the "Contact Me" button in the top left sidebar of All About Labradors.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Know Your Dogs! An Intro to the Labrador Retriever

Fast Facts

The Labrador retriever is one of the most popular domesticated animals in America today, and one of the top choices for dog lovers everywhere. Their sweet nature, innocent enthusiasm, and desire to be a beloved part of the family have helped Labs remain popular for decades. Typically weighing 55-80 pounds and standing approximately two feet tall, the Labrador retriever is one of the most easy-going pets a parent could ask for, and is a wonderful addition to any home.


There are few people who won't get along with a Labrador retriever, and a Lab can make a devoted convert out of those who aren't even pet lovers. They are relatively low-maintenance, but affectionate, playful, and energetic.

One of the reasons Labrador retrievers are so well liked is that they're easy to live with, and rarely aggressive, temperamental, sulky, or difficult to handle. They can keep up with, and even welcome, the rough play and constant chasing that a household with young children can provide. Yet, at the end of the day, your Lab is more than happy to hop up on the couch and snuggle with you while you watch TV.

If you're adding a Labrador retriever puppy to the home, however, be prepared to come armed with a lot of patience and energy. (For instance, the dog in the hit film Marley & Me is a yellow Lab.) At a younger age, the endearing qualities the dog possesses are hard to control and restrain, and can take a turn toward the destructive. Fun is the Labrador retriever's middle name, and that can come in the form of chewing up your favorite slippers, or playing leapfrog on the furniture. Once the Lab has reached a year old, however, they'll begin to calm down and develop into an obedient, well-trained dog.

Sometimes, keeping your Lab restrained can be a challenge. While generally very obedient and well-trained canine companions, certain things will send a Lab off and running, whether it's a neighbor's cat, a squirrel, or an alarming sound. Fencing and leashing are necessary every time your Lab is outside.

Grooming & Appearance

A Labrador retriever is easy to spot, even if his ancestry is mixed with that of another breed. Labs come in a variety of sizes and colors, but are typically medium-to-large animals with puppy-dog eyes and long, floppy ears. The Lab has a broad, clean-cut head, and may be either a solid color, or have spots randomly decorating their body.

An outdoor loving dog by nature, the Lab isn't likely to be fastidious or high-maintenance when it comes to grooming. In fact, they're more likely to run inside the house covered in mud or splash around in the bathtub than they are to demand a trip to the groomer's. Basic upkeep is all this furry bundle of joy requires, and then they're ready to run, play, and get dirty again.

Labs have short, thick hair that always seems to be in abundant supply, particularly as the seasons change. For that reason, they are not ideal companions for those with severe pet allergies, or those who are adamant about keeping the home spotless at all times.

Health And Lifestyle

While only of average intelligence, the Lab is a wonderful communicator, and when trained properly, will tell you what they need as well as respond to your commands.

Labs are among the most laid-back and friendly of canine breeds, and does best with the type of owner who shares these personality traits. A quiet, reserved pet parent that would prefer a dog to stay off the furniture and not run in the house would easily become frustrated with the presence of the playful, fun-loving Lab, and the dog would feel restrained by a home with too many rules and not enough freedom.

With an average life expectancy of 10-12 years, and some living up to 16-18 years, the Lab is one of the more healthy and active breeds around. Because of his size and energy level, your Lab will be likely to have quite an appetite, making them prone to obesity and obesity-related illnesses if they don't get enough exercise, particularly in later years. As Labs age, hip dysplasia and arthritis are common problems, but most combat these symptoms by staying active and leading well-balanced lives. An older Lab may not want to go outside on rainy or snowy days, and will prefer to lie by the fireplace until the sun comes out.

Who Should Own One?

The Labrador retriever is one of the best family dogs around, particularly if your family includes children and teenagers. Although the Lab is very adaptable and can make a home in virtually any type of surroundings, they do best in larger homes, particular those with a large, fenced-in backyard.

Activity and outdoor exercise are of great importance to the Lab-even at 10-14 years old, most still love to run, jump, and play. Although happy to be either a city or a country dog, a Lab owner should be prepared to go on walks, and lots of them! If your normal routine includes running, walking, jogging, hiking, fishing, hunting, or camping, the Lab may just be your ideal companion, since they love the outdoors and have the energy to keep up with you.

Although not aggressive by nature, Labs make wonderful watchdogs and protectors, since they have an acute sense of hearing and smell. They are territorial, both about their space and their beloved family members, and are the dog that's most likely to bark up a storm at the mailman every day. However, they also learn very quickly to approve of anyone who's introduced into the home, and can identify a family member approaching the home by not only their footsteps, but even the sound of the car horn.

PetHub is a place for you to store and manage your pet's digital records. Follow us on Twitter or join our Facebook fan page to keep up with our latest news.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Free Dog or Cat Toy from The Paws

The Paws is offering a Free Dog or Cat Toy.

The first 20,000 members to sign up will receive a FREE toy, you are also signing up to receive newsletter.

Free samples are limited to one per household in the United States only. Free samples are not available to current or previous customers.

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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Free Dog Food for Adoption

We had the free dog food for adoption from Pedigree posted last year and received many e-mails from our readers, letting us know about their adoptions and how happy they were to be rewarded with Free dog food. Congratulations to all of you!

Pedigree has decided again to offer the same free dog for those of you that have adopted a Labrador Retriever or any other breed of dog in 2010.

Information about the Pedigree Adoption Dive:

"Adopting a dog is a rewarding experience–and here's how we're helping to make it a little more rewarding: When you adopt a shelter dog, we'll give you a free month's supply of PEDIGREE® Food For Dogs*. It's our way of saying “thank you” for helping us help dogs.

* Total donations from PEDIGREE® consumer and trade programs to local shelters in 2009: minimum $250,000 up to $1million."

To claim your free month's supply of PEDIGREE® Food For Dogs, you must print out the free dog food for adoption form and fill in the form on the pedigree website, attach proof of adoption (copies of adoption documentation and receipt for fee/donation) and then mail it in.

Your free month's supply of dog food will be provided in the form of a coupon redeemable for a 20 lb. bag of PEDIGREE® Food For Dogs. The offer is valid only for adoptions by individual consumers in the United States of America (excluding territories and possessions) from Jan. 2010 to Dec. 2010 and limited to one (1) coupon per household/ address. All requests must be received by Feb. 2011.

A big congratulations to all of your that adopted Labrador Retrievers or any other breed of dog in 2010!!

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Friday, January 07, 2011

Popular & Unusual Dog Names

2010's Most Popular & Unusual Dog Names Revealed
Brea, California

The nation's oldest and largest provider of pet health insurance has revealed that Bella the most popular dog name among it's customers for the second year running.

Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) analyzed the names of the pets of more than half a million customers to come up with a list of the most popular. After 6 years at the top, Max was knocked off the top spot in the 2009 list and Bella became the most popular name for dogs - a phenomenon VPI calls the "Twilight Effect", because of the character Bella Swan in the vampire-themes movies. While Bella has retained the number one spot, the name Max decreased further in popularity and was replaced by Bailey as the second most popular dog name.

Top 10 Dog Names:


"We know that nearly half of pet owners today view their pets as a part of their family," said Curtis Steinhoff, director of Corporate Communications at VPI. "Given that pets are considered family members, it makes sense that pet owners are selecting human-oriented names like Max or Charlie."

Of the nearly half a million pets insured by VPI, only 13 were named "Fido", reflecting the current trend of owners giving their pets human names. Nearly every dog name on VPI's Top Ten Dog Names list doubles as a popular human name. The company also wanted to find out the most unusual dog names in the company's database. VPI employees selected 50 unusual dog names and voted for the 10 most unusual. They voted "Pickle Von Corndog" as the most unusual, followed by (in descending order): "Lord Chubby Pruneface", "Badonkadonnk", "Ninjastar Dangerrock", "Molly McBoozehound", "Dog Vader", "Flopsy Squeakerton", "Bettie Poops", "Geez Louise" and "Barnaby Bones".

View the latest World Pet News every week at

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Monday, January 03, 2011

Free Purina One SmartBlend Dog Food Sample

Back on November 22, 2010, we post a Free sample of Purina One SmartBlend Dog Food. For those of you that missed out on that offer, Target has the Free sample posted at their website again.

Information about Purina ONE SmartBlend Dog Food:

"Discover the science in nature's ingredients. Purina ONE Smartblend formulas deliver concentrated nutrition to promote whole body health. Make the most of everyday moments through smart nutrition.

Purina ONE SmartBlend formulas start with real lamb, salmon, chicken or beef and add select ingredients delivering nutrition shown to help make a healthy difference in your pet. The result is a unique blend of tender morsels and crunchy bites for a taste dogs love."

The free samples are available one per household and to the USA only. As always with free dog food samples, these will go very fast!

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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Dog Food Allergies - Treating Them Right!

Although symptoms differ, dogs can develop allergies just like us. Allergies in dogs usually manifest themselves as severe itchiness and if a dog is allergic to his food it can cause him to scratch incessantly. Food allergies are rarely curable by medicine and the best thing you can do for your dog if you suspect food allergies is to put him on an elimination diet to determine the culprit in his diet.

Certain ingredients in dog food and feeding your dog leftovers can result in an allergic reaction. Some breeds such as greyhounds are particularly sensitive and common food such as tuna, cheese and sausage meat can result in allergies. It is fine to supplement your dog's diet with some human food but only if it doesn't cause allergies.

If your dog is scratching a lot and you've eliminated the possibility of any parasites, it's likely your dog has an allergy and you should consult with your vet. The vet will probably recommend an elimination diet. Putting your dog on an elimination diet means you will remove specific foods from your dog's diet for up to 12 weeks to determine what is causing the allergies. This requires a certain amount of patience and dedication but it's the best method of curing your pet. If the food items causing allergies isn't found during the 12 week period you'll have to start the diet again while eliminating different ingredients.

Sometimes simply changing your dog's diet will result in instant relief but you should carefully inspect the ingredients in your dog's food to avoid dubious items. Many dogs do better on a diet that contains exotic protein sources such as venison and rabbit meat. Cooking your dog's food is also a great way to reduce the likelihood of allergies as you will know exactly what is going into your dog's diet.

You can begin by combining rice with some lamb to see if your dog does better on these foods. If your dog is allergic to lamb you will obviously have to use an alternative protein source.

Dealing with dog allergies can be a very time consuming and frustrating process but with time and patience you should be able to get at the bottom of what is causing your dog such discomfort. You'll have to bear in mind that there is no magic bullet for curing food allergies in dogs but providing relief for your dog from constant itchiness and scratching is ample reward for the time and effort spent.

Amber Contant, from,submitted this article. Visit their site for a great selection of electric dog fences and dog training collars.

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