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Aggressive Behavior in Labrador Retriever? - part II

From: Lisa (USA)

Subject: Aggressive behavior in Labrador Retriever? - part II

Labrador Retriever Name: N/A

This is part two of a two part e-mail from Lisa.

All About Labradors Blog Answer:


I'm so sorry to hear about your 9 year old, I hope she is o.k. Sometimes when dogs are in pain they don't quite understand where the pain is coming from and will lash out to stop it, as what could have happened in your case. Your dog might have been spooked also and lashed out.

All dogs are different Lisa. Remember the different causes in the last letter about the reasons dogs bite. With my two Labradors, my daughter rides them, pulls on their ear's, rolls around with them and does all sorts of other things to them and they don't bite her. That's not to say that you can get away with it Lab.

This is the second serious condition now. Basically, from what other little information I know about your Lab, I believe she can fixed, but you should be very careful with her right now (careful supervision around all). Also be aware that this could be a situation whee you might have to get rid of the dog ( I'M NOT SAYING YOU DO, BUT IN CASE SOMETHING IS WRONG PLEASE BE PREPARED)

I have listed some names, numbers, e-mail addys that you might already have. It is imperative that you seek professional help.

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Birmingham, AL
Birmingham Obedience Club
Name: Alice Linn
Phone: (205) 681 - 9210 Ext:

Daleville, AL
Southeast Alabama Kennel Club
Name: Jimmy Chambers
Phone: (334) 598 - 6683 Ext:

Decatur, AL
Shetland Sheepdog Club of North Alabama
Name: Alsie Fisher
Phone: (256) 353 - 2060 Ext:

Huntsville, AL
Huntsville Obedience Training Club
Name: Joyce Rupert
Phone: (256) 852 - 4377

Montgomery, AL
Montgomery Alabama Dog Obedience Club
Classes Offered:
Basic Manners/CGC
Competition Obedience - Novice
Competition Obedience - Open
Puppy Kindergarten
Therapy Dog
Name: Ginnie Richardson
Phone: (334) 269 - 1698 Ext:

Going to keep looking and asking others if anyone knows of trainers in you area to help (posting to blog to see if any readers can help).

Let me know what you get from the Kennel Club. Please keep me informed every step of the way.


Reader's E-mail - Lisa's Response:


Thanks so much for helping me. I haven't heard back from the Birmingham Kennel Club. I did e-mail the top2 contacts you sent me. I hope they can help.

When my dog bit my daughter, it was like a slice, not a chunk out of her face. When she was leaning over the dog, the dog turned and snapped and got whatever was there. I just told everyone not to put their face in her face anymore, I guess me too. We love to kiss her and love on her, it's so sad that we can't trust her anymore.

I'll keep you posted.

All About Labradors Blog Answer:

Found a couple more:

Try this one first, give them a call to better explain your situation.

Contact Manners in Motion and tell them your problem. They have class schedules and private training/ behavior counseling in Pelham (don't know how close that is for you) and in home.
(205) 621-6730

If they can't help, then try these:

Creative Dog Training Inc3190 Cahaba Heights RdBirmingham, AL 35243 (205) 967-2062

Pet Partners 2938 Chestnut StMontgomery, AL 36107 (334) 265-2585

We'll find someone, don't worry. :)


As of this posting, I recently wrote Lisa and I'm awaiting a response to see how things are going.

To read part one of this e-mail visit: Aggressive Behavior in Labrador Retriever? - part I

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