Thursday, May 31, 2007

Labrador Retriever Foams at Mouth

This e-mail was sent in by Chuck (USA).

Reader's E-mail - Chuck writes:

Thanks for your help in advance.

We have a 2yr old black lab (Tori) who actually foams at the mouth alot when we have her out walking. Is this normal?


All About Labradors Answer:

Hi Chuck,

There are many different reasons that dogs foam at the mouth. Automatically people will assume rabies, distemper or a symptom of a seizure. I'm assuming Tori has all her vaccinations and hasn't been bitten. I'm also assuming that this only occurs when you take her for walks.

In your case with Tori it could be just a case of excitability with her going for walks. I have also talked to a friend of mine who trains dogs and she said it could be a sign of nervousness/anxiety. Does she enjoy going for her walks?

There is a possibility that she could have some kind of foreign object stuck in her mouth/teeth/gums. Take your finger and run it around her gum line and check the roof of her mouth. Remember though that this would cause a foaming at other times, not just walks.

If Tori is in good health, you notice no other range of behaviors (restless, vicious, withdrawn, etc), and she only foams when walking, I don't think you have to worry.

If she is foaming at other times, she doesn't have her shots, you notice changes in her, and/or it gets worse, I would immediately take her to your veterinarian to her her checked.

Hope this helps, and if you have any further question don't hesitate to write.


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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Update - Yellow Labrador Retriever Losing Hair on Sides

This is an update sent to me by Connie who owns Cosmo, a yellow Labrador Retriever that was having problems with hair loss on both of his sides.

Reader's E-mail - Connie Writes:


I just wanted to give you an update on Cosmo's fur. You were a great help in all of this!

He is still taking the Omega Fatty Acid, so his fur looks very shiny and healthy again.

We are brushing him every day, so again, that has helped bring back some oil into his fur and it shows.

He is taking two 3 mg pills of melatonin for a hormone replacement.The growth of fur seems to be coming back almost completely!

He is not sleepy or sluggish!

I will take him back to the vet for a check up on things at some point, but this is probably a seasonal loss of fur-flank--and he is really looking great!

I have made note of your website, check it once in awhile.....


Have a great Spring... (Got the hose out the other day and Cosmo's personality changed before my very eyes. water, water and more water!


To read more on Cosmos condition click: Yellow Labrador Retriever Losing Hair on Sides - part I

To see Cosmo's photo click: Cosmo 5/09/07

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Flea and Tick Squeeze Freebie

Hello everyone, and hope all is well. A couple things I want to cover here.

First off, I would like to say I have been receiving many e-mail questions from all. I do read and respond to every question I receive, but it does take me some time. My apologies for any delay, but I am receiving more questions than I ever expected when I started this blog. I will get to your question with a slight delay. Thanks for understanding.

I also want to thank everyone reading this blog, I have made many new friends (human and Labrador Retriever).

OK, I haven't posted a freebie to this blog in some time, so here goes. This is for a free sample of Sergeant's Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze. Their website states "kills fleas and ticks faster than Frontline"

If your interested in requesting a free sample of this product visit Sergeant's website. For those of you that have used this product please let others know about it.

Personally I have never used this product, so I can't tell you anything about the product.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Does a Labrador Retriever need a Haircut

This e-mail was sent in to me by Cherie (USA). Cherie owns a 1 year 10 month old black Labrador Retriever who goes by the name of Jake, which is her first Lab owned.

Readers Email - Cherie Writes

Hi. We have a beautiful black Lab, 1 yr. 10 mos., that we adore. Have never owned a Lab, let alone a dog. Thus, we have a question (hope it does not sound stupid): Does a Labrador Retriever ever need a haircut? Thanks much! Cherie

All About Labradors Answer

Hello Cherie,

Thank you for writing and visiting the All About Labradors blog.

First off let me say, there is NO such thing as a stupid question. Congratulations on owning your first dog, and especially your first Labrador Retriever!

To help with your question, I need you to please answer the following questions:

What you say haircut, what are we talking about (shaving, trimming)?

Where areas on your Labrador Retriever do you want to cut?

Why do you think your Labrador Retriever needs a haircut? Is it because of the shedding?

Is he/she a show dog?

What is your Labradors name?

With all the email questions I receive, I always ask a favor of the person writing. If you have any photos of your Labrador Retriever, that you could email me, I would love to post them to All About Labradors and/or Labrador Retriever Pictures blog. A picture IS NOT required to get an answer to your question. I just like to post photos with the questions asked. I am also going to be starting a Labrador photo contest with monthly prizes.

Talk to you soon,

Cherie's Response

Hi Fay,

Thanks for responding. I have attached a few pictures of my furry baby Jake! He is so incredibly precious. He constantly makes us laugh and has the power to turn a bad day into a good one with just a wag of his tail, which never stops! The whole family is madly in love with him.

We give him a shower ourselves, but I was just wondering if Labs, like other dogs, get their hair cut or trimmed. We don't have a desire to give him a haircut; I was just wondering if we are supposed to! Yes, he shreds an incredible amount, but we just consider it a part of owning a dog. fits right in with the shedding from our 2 cats, William and Lewis!

I plan to visit for site for tips, etc...It's a lot of fun to be friends with others who own Labs. Have a great weekend.

Best wishes,

All About Labradors Answer

Hi Cherie,

The information given here is to help you learn more about your Labrador Retriever and not to replace your veterinarian's advice. Disclaimer

Thanks for being patient waiting for your reply, and thanks so much for the wonderful pictures of baby Jake. He is just so cute!!!

To answer your question about cutting Jake's hair, the answer is no. Trimming of your Labs coat is unnecessary (although I do know of show competitors who do try to tidy up their Labrador Retrievers). I have also seen Labs that have been shaved (will get to this big NO in a minute).

Instead of hair cutting or shaving what you want to do is groom thoroughly.

Labrador Retrievers shed year round and then twice a year (spring and fall), they "Blow Coat", with the hair coming out in CLUMPS.

I like to brush/groom mine about twice a week to help keep them clean. You will probably have to brush Jake more when he is blowing his coat. Successful tools are a slicker brush or shedding blade. I also like to use a bristle brush as it helps distribute the oils in your Labrador's coat, and it’s not stressful on their skin. Many fellow Labrador owners love a product called the Zoom Groom (it's a rubber brush with flexible rubber "fingers" that help to collect loose hairs), made by Kong. I myself keep meaning to purchase this to give it a try.

I'm also experimenting with a tool called the Furminator which I’ve been using for a few weeks, and I do like it, but wouldn't use it all the time. I will be posting my thoughts on this tool soon on the All About Labradors blog.

As far as shaving goes, this is a BIG DEFINITE NO, NO! Some people feel that by shaving their Labrador Retrievers, it will keep them from shedding or keep them cooler in the warm weather. What they don't realize is that the Labrador will still shed, and that the undercoat that they are shaving actually helps to keep your Labrador Retriever cool. The only time your Lab will need to be shaved is if your veterinarian needs to for "Hot Spots", in which case all the fur covering and immediately surrounding the lesion must be shaved, or for some other surgical procedures.

Here is a good article for you to take a look at: Why you shouldn't shave your long haired double coated dog.

As far as bathing Jake goes, I recommend it only be done when absolutely needed. The only time I bath my Labrador Retrievers is if they if they rolled around in something offensive or something has caused them to smell horrible (which means I bath them very, very seldom). Sometimes, it not even a full bath, it might just be a spot bath.

Shampooing them too often will tend to strip the natural oils from their coats, as a properly oily coat will repel dirt and shed water easily. If you brush then regularly, it will keep them clean.

It's great to read letters from the readers of this blog and hear the love that a Labrador provides. You couldn't be more correct with your statement “he constantly makes us laugh and has the power to turn a bad day into a good one with just a wag of his tail ". No matter what kind of day I could have, or the members of my family could have, I can always count on my Lab girls to make us all smile!

If you have any other questions on this matter or anything else, now or in the future, please don't hesitate to e-mail me.

One last thing Cherie, it sure is great being friends with other Labrador Retrievers owners. I receive so many beautiful letters from fellow Lab owners like you and get to share many wonderful stories and advice. Last but not least, I've just added Cherie as another friend.

Thank you for enjoying the blog and remember I'm just a click away.

Take care of yourself and Jake

Cherie's Response

Hi Fay!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all the wonderful advice! I just printed your email and plan to buy the correct brushes for Jake tomorrow. I have been using a shedding blade; he thinks grooming is a big game!

I also plan to read the article later. You have been incredibly helpful. I NEVER considered shaving him and NEVER would. When we got him, the breeder had shaved him (it was August), and Jakey did not look too happy. That's partly why I grabbed him up...wanted to bring him home and cheer him up. He is now a big bunch of shedding black fur, and that is fine with us! :)
I had heard that they fur keeps them cool as well as warm and it needed. Thanks for confirming what I heard.

I will keep in touch and plan to visit your site often to share stories, get advice, share advice, and just have fun.

I will talk to you soon. Where do you live? I too feel as if I've met a very nice friend and fellow Lab lover! Have a great night.


Click Jake 5/16/07, to see some photos of the way to cute, Jake

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Help my Black Labrador jump into the car

Susan (USA) sent an e-mail asking for help with getting her black Labrador Retriever (Daisey) to jump into the back seat of her car.

Readers E-mail - Susan Writes:

I have a Black Labrador named Daisey who will not jump in the back seat; we often go for rides to the dog park and walks around the lake and I have tried every command I can think of; up jump in the car ; most of the time I end up throwing a dog biscuit in the back seat so she will get in the car. I know the treat should be given after the command not before but what can I do.


All About Labradors Answer

Hi Susan,

I don't believe I have ever had anyone ask about getting their Labrador Retriever to jump into the car.

Does Daisey have any problems when in the car? Is she afraid off car rides?

Give the following options a try and see if they help.

Get her sit to by the open door of the car while you get into the back seat. When you are in, call her name and use whatever command you are going to use to get her into the car. Ex: Daisey up, Daisey gear up, Daisey in, etc. Make sure you reward and praise her when she does jump in.

When she starts to continually jump in on you command, your next step will be to open both car doors and start again by having her sit by one open door while you move around to the other side. Don't get in this time, just stand by the open door. Again call her by name and use your command. Offer plenty of praise and reward her when she does jump in.

When Daisey gets this down, you next step will be moving around to her side, having her sit by the open door and start the process again with your command. Eventually Daisey should begin jumping in on your command. This will take plenty of practice, patience and repetition.

Another thing you might try is to continue with is the way that you are using now. You already have her getting in the car when you throw the treat in. Make sure you start the procedure off by again getting her to sit by the open car door. Before throwing the treat in use your command and then throw the treat in. Offer plenty of love and praise once she is in the car. With continued repetition Daisey will be on her way to getting into the vehicle on your command alone.

Remember Susan, that either way will take plenty of practice. Try to set up some training time each day for you and Daisey. It doesn't have to be a long time each day.

I hope this will be of some help to you. Please let me know how it is going and if I can be of any other assistance, don't hesitate to write.

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Happy Mother's Day 2007

All of us here at the All About Labradors blog would like to wish all mommies I Happy Mother's Day! Enjoy your day!

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Yellow Labrador Retriever Losing Hair on Sides - part I

This e-mail comes in from Connie (USA). Connie's soon to be, two year old yellow Labrador Retriever named Cosmo has a problem with a loss of hair on both of his sides.

This is part one of a two part posting, as Connie and I exchanged many e-mails.

Reader's Email - Connie Writes:

We have our first yellow lab (actually, first dog) - Cosmo. We have had him since 8 weeks and he will now be 2 in May. He is a pure joy! Anyway, I have noticed on either side of him on his sides - right between his rib cage and hips - he is losing fur. It almost looks black from a distance. There now seems to be more loss looking like a "patch" of missing fur. Otherwise he is so healthy and happy. Any thoughts? We love our lab!!!!

All About Labradors Answer:

Hello Connie,

I'm sorry to hear about Cosmo's problem.

I have a couple of questions to ask you, as the answers to these questions can give me a better understanding as to what the problem may be, and some possible solutions.

Is Cosmo neutered?

Is he itching or licking at these areas?

Is Cosmo an outside Lab or an inside Lab (where he spends more time)?

Any kind of smell coming from the area?

What do you feed Cosmo (name brand of dog food, flavor)?

Are the areas totally bald?

Any condition to the skin where the hair loss is (red, scaly, bumps, etc)?

How is condition of rest of his coat (greasy, smelly, dry)?

Is the area black, or it just looks black from a distance?

How long has this been going on?

Any changes with Cosmo's routine (moved to new home, different places walked, different chemicals in home, etc)?

Any prior medical conditions with Cosmo?

Connie, please get back to me at your earliest convenience with the answers to the above questions and will see what I can find out.

Talk to you soon,

Connie's Response:

Thank you for responding! I did make an appt with his vet in a week, so I will tell you what she says too!

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To answer all the questions:

Yes, Cosmo was neutered at 6 months and will be 2 in May. He does not itch, scratch or lick the areas.

He only is outside for walks, playing with us etc. for he will eat anything without supervision!

No smells from Cosmo.

As for food, he was put on Duck and Potato Dick Van Pattens brand due to ear infections. The ears have been clear for months now.

He was over 80 pounds with the switch of food, so we were to get him back to 75. I don't know what he weighs now, but we have definitely cut back trying to get him thinner.

I noticed the black from a distance for a good month. Now it looks like someone used an instrument to thin out two strips, one on each side. There seems to be almost a dandruff now that wasn't there on his back quarters.

He started shedding a great deal and we thought maybe we went "overboard" with brushing. Maybe he is too dry?

Nothing seems new. He has gone to a dog sitting place twice that has new owners. I have had him bathed there--other than that, nothing.

Cosmo has been very healthy! He did switch foods due to possible allergies--many ear infections.

He is an awesome dog--so gentle and funny with the personality of a toddler following me around!

Thanks for your help-Connie

A few days later Connie also wrote:

I took Cosmo to the vet, as I said. She tested him for an underactive thryroid. That may be the cause of tremendous loss of hair in a lab. I will let you know the results!!!

All About Labradors Answers:

The information given here is to help you learn more about your Labrador Retriever and not to replace your veterinarian's advice. Disclaimer

I am truly sorry with the delay. Thanks for the response to the questions, and yes I did receive the picture of Cosmo, he is beautiful. What a handsome Labrador Retriever. Thank you for letting me know what’s going on with the vet also.

It seems like I have been receiving many questions on hair loss with Labrador Retrievers lately. Many times hair loss can be attributed to allergies, which sounds as though your Cosmo might have had (food allergy) with the ear infections and them being clear now that you switched foods.

With the symptoms of the hair loss on Cosmo (especially the bilateral and symmetric hair loss, and the fact Cosmo is not scratching it out), it definitely sounds as though he has a condition called Hypothyroidism. Basically, hypothyroidism is the natural deficiency of thyroid hormone. The thyroid gland does not secrete enough of a thyroid hormone called thyroxine.

Possible symptoms of Hypothyroidism can include obesity, hair loss, dry skin, disorientation, lethargy, darkening of the skin, skin infections, seborrhea (that white dandruff you state is on his back quarters), diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, vomiting, and even heart problems. Hypothyroidism can occur at any age, but it tends to affect dogs around two to six years of age.

Treatment consists of administering a thyroid hormone supplementation (replacement of the missing hormone with a synthetic hormone). Cosmo would be monitored every couple of week at first, after starting medication, then every few months. During this time he condition will be monitored and medication adjusted up or down to make sure its right.

Changes in energy levels, activity levels are usually seen quickly with treatment, but the growing back of the hair can take several months.

Remember Connie, if this is Cosmo's diagnosis, he will remain on the hormone for life, but with the proper treatment will have a very full and normal life and able to maintain good health well into his years.

For the dandruff you describe on Cosmo's back quarters you can bath with specially medicated shampoo (antiseborrhea shampoo). Omega-3 fatty-acid supplements may also be recommended by your veterinarian.

I hope this helps some Connie, and if you don't understand something let me know. If you have any more questions on this or anything else, please let me know. Please keep me further updated with the vet visits.

Yellow Labrador Retriever Losing Hair on Sides - part II

Yellow Labrador Retriever Losing Hair on Sides - part III

To see a photo of Cosmo, click on his name: Cosmo 5/09/07

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Yellow Labrador Retriever Losing Hair on Sides - part II

This is part two of an e-mail from Connie, in regards to her yellow Labrador Retriever's (Cosmo) hair loss on both of his sides.

Connie's Response:

Hey Fay!

I took Cosmo to the vet and she tested him for exactly what you said...Hypothyroidism. I was hoping all night and morning that this was the case for it sounded easy to remedy.

Unfortunately, that is NOT what he has...She will treat him for a problem for loss of hair... pattern hair loss.We are starting by giving him 3 mg of melatonin a day and a prescription for omega fatty acids--kind of a homeopathic approach. We will do this for a month and have him re-looked at...

If you know anything about this approach to the loss of fur, I would love to hear from you!

I know that he is not in danger, but I feel like he needs to get his gorgeous coat back!

He is our first dog (my first dog ever in my life) so it has been so nice to receive your emails to my questions!!!

Thanks! Connie

All About Labradors Answer:

Your welcome for the replies to your e-mail, it's my pleasure, and once again I am so sorry for the long delay in response.

Based on the symptoms you told me of Cosmo, I really thought the diagnosis was going to come back as Hypothyroidism, especially with the bilateral and symmetrical hair loss (not that these symptoms can only be associated with Hypothyroidism).

You sound a little disappointed that Hypothyroidism was not the diagnosis.

Connie, do you happen to know what testing was done by your veterinarian? Not that I am questioning your veterinarian, as I never would question a vets diagnosis, especially since I am not one myself. Just curious to know what test performed, what they ruled out.

I understand the prescription for omega fatty acids, to help improve the health of the skin and coat.

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I also know that Melatonin is used to help manage separation anxiety and other fearful conditions.


Is Cosmo left completely alone for periods of time (when your working)?

Did you hear the vet mention Alopecia or just the pattern baldness (pattern hair loss)

You are right with Cosmo being in no danger if it is pattern baldness, as this is a cosmetic disease that will not affect his quality of life. I do believe that pattern baldness can often be permanent.

Let me do I little research, to see what else I can find out for you.

Connie's Response:

Good morning!

Cosmo is never alone! I am lucky enough to be at home so he is right with me! He is right at my side as I type!

There was a name to what it was, so today when I pick up the omega, I will find out what tests were done to rule out what and if there was a diagnosis. She mentioned something about hormones.... I will get back to you with more.

Not disappointed, but just know that treating hypothyroidism will be easier to treat than melatonin. that makes them sleepy and he is already a pretty mellow dog! I do trust the vet, but I will need to know more to feel comfortable that he is being treated correctly!

Anyway, I will keep you informed!

* Later on that same day, Connie sent another e-mail to keep me updated:

Feel like I am sending too many emails, but here is my update.

I stopped by the vet for Cosmo to ask a few questions.Right now, she is treating him for loss of hair and dry skin with omega fatty acids along with a homeopathic try of melatonin to help. This is to be done for one month. If not better than she will do a skin biopsy---which she is trying to avoid!

As far as testing, she ran a T4 plus, so it was a health check plus and every number was in the normal range. That is good!

Let's just hope this works to get him looking back to normal? Again, I will keep you informed if anything else is said or noticed.

Thanks for all of your time!

All About Labradors Answer:

The information given here is to help you learn more about your Labrador Retriever and not to replace your veterinarian's advice. Disclaimer

Hi Connie,

Please don’t think you are sending to many e-mails, sometimes it takes many e-mails to try to get problems figured out. Send as many as you need.

The reason I asked about Cosmo being left alone was because I knew that Melatonin was used for cases of separation anxiety. I thought this possible (separation anxiety) may have had a part with the hair loss. You are also correct that Melatonin might make him sleepy as it has been used as a sleep aid.

I knew the were many different reasons for hair loss in dogs, but the more I search, and the more I talk to others, the more I learn of many new causes of hair loss.

I have found some things that might be of some help to you. This first site talks about hair loss, minerals and vitamins associated with hair loss, and proper nutrition. I found the article to be very insightful.

Hair loss for Dogs -

Make sure you click next on bottom of page as there are two parts of this article.

Here is some information on a condition called Seasonal flank alopecia, which is basically a loss of hair along the sides that occurs at certain times of the year. Melatonin is also used for treatment with this. Take at look at the photos also to see if they look anything like Cosmo’s condition.

I am continuing to research for you and Cosmo. Hopefully the Melatonin and fatty acids help Cosmo's condition. Please keep me updated along the way.

I know it has only been a few days, but have you noticed any changes (positive or negative)?

Talk to you soon

Yellow Labrador Retriever Losing Hair on Sides - part I

Yellow Labrador Retriever Losing Hair on Sides - part III

To see a photo of Cosmo, click on his name: Cosmo 5/09/07

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Yellow Labrador Retriever Losing Hair on Sides - part III

This is part three of an e-mail from Connie, in regards to her yellow Labrador Retriever's (Cosmo) hair loss on both of his sides.

Connie's Response:

Not too many people are interested in talking "dogs", so I appreciate all the emailing about Cosmo! I never thought I "liked" dogs and having him has proved me wrong and THEN SOME!

As for anxiety, he was definitely the nervous one in the litter that cried a lot, kind of jumpy. We met him at 4 weeks, 6 weeks and took him home at 8 weeks and he was the noisy one! Having him for 1 1/2 years now, he is definitely more on the mellow side now. I think the melatonin will help him--maybe he needs the hormone. He seems really good this week.

I feel like it is the "seasonal Flank alopecia" versus the dysplasia. That is just my guess. Again, if he is not better in a month, the vet said she would like to take a skin biopsy!

I have been giving him the omega pills and the melatonin for one week now. I feel that his coat looks shinier, less dull! Maybe it is my imagination. He is not tired or lazy after the melatonin. He can be lazy due to adjusting to our schedule--quiet during the day and crazy when 3 kids come home from school! He seems to have a little spark this week that I haven't seen? Again, maybe my imagination. I have been playing him and walking him to keep him outside with fresh air during the day. I think this will be a good treatment with no side affects.

I also read that brushing brings out their natural oils, so I have started brushing on a daily basis -- lightly, not too hard. What do you think about brushing?

I did buy a shampoo recommended by the vet. He doesn't need to bathe right now. Do you think that is okay on a monthly basis if he needs it?

Continue Reading...

The loss of hair is not as extreme as some of the photos, but it is something you can see. He, in my opinion, is a beautiful male, yellow lab, so I would love to see that coat full and shiny BUT This is not unhealthy for him, so I will not worry too much about his coat!

Anyway, I feel much better this week -- He has been up a lot more this week running around and his coat looks a bit more shiny/less dry. Thanks - Connie and Cosmo

All About Labradors Answer:

I'm glad to hear you feel Cosmo may be improving (maybe). Also glad to hear that the Malatonin doesn't make him sleepy, which was something you worried about.

My first lab, Dakota is a nervous one. She will pace back and forth at times, was very jumpy, nervous barking. The kids have given her the nickname "Nervous Nellie". She had developed some white/gray patches (at about 2 years old) on her coat, around mouth area, tail and a streak or two on her body. I do believe that this was caused from her nervousness. She gets a good food, and has no allergies or any other medical conditions about her. Not a thing wrong with her to this date (she's three now), and nothing that I worry about. I think she looks beautiful with the color!

As for washing Connie, I only wash when they smell, which isn't much. I don't believe they need to be bathed unless they are actually dirty and smelly.Sometimes I wash mine once a month, usually though its much longer than that.

Just remember that washing your Labrador too frequently eliminates too much of the natural oils and can dry out the skin. When you do wash, make sure you rinse shampoo out thoroughly. Sometimes I don't even use shampoo, just water, such as after they coming out of the pool.r.

You are correct with the brushing bringing out the natural oils, as well as helping to control SHEDDING! You will be surprised how clean and nice smelling Cosmo will be with brushing. I use a shedding blade for my girls. You can also use a slicker brush, natural bristle or nylon brush. I try to brush daily ( lightly ), if not, then at least every couple of days. They don't require a daily brushing (they can get by with a weekly brushing), but I find that every couple of days keeps their coats clean, shiny and helps immensely with shedding.

Love the " I never thought I "liked" dogs and having him has proved me wrong and THEN SOME! " comment. They truly are amazing. No matter what kind of day you have, they always act the same toward you, providing unconditional love. I glad your enjoying him.

Take care of yourself and Cosmo,

Yellow Labrador Retriever Losing Hair on Sides - part I

Yellow Labrador Retriever Losing Hair on Sides - part II

If you would like to see a photo of Cosmo, click on his name Cosmo 5/09/07

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Chocolate Labrador Retriever Training - Nevada

Readers E-mail - Rebecca (Nevada, USA) Writes:


I am looking to send my 12 week chocolate lab to retriever training. I am looking for something near Carson City, Nv. Any Suggestions?


All About Labradors Answer:

Hi Rebecca,

Here are some phone numbers and websites that I have found or have been recommended to me. Trying to get as close to your location as possible.

TRUCKEE MEADOWS DOG TRAINING CLUB - Reno - they have a page on their site which list days you can go meet and talk to their trainers. Reno - Sparks Nevada

K-9 Fitness Center 5325 Louie Lane Reno , NV 89511 (775) 448-9900

Cold Nose Kennels Dayton, NV 89403 (775) 246-3130

Guy Yeaman Professional Dog Training 1336 Ritter Drive Gardnerville , NV 89410 (775) 265-4530

B & B DOG OBEDIENCE 165 Utah St Reno, NV 89506 775-972-6555 SIERRA NEVADA

RETRIEVER CLUB Po Box 7217 Reno, NV 89510 775-826-1288

Please let me know if any of these help. As I receive any others from readers, I will forward them to you. Take care

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Chcocolate Labrador Puppy with Red Eyes

This e-mail was sent in from Priscilla in regards to her five month old chocolate Labrador Retriever's (Lola) red eyes.

Readers E-mail - Priscilla Writes:

I have a chocolate lab that is 5 months old she sometimes her eyes look very red specially from the bottom eye lid is something wrong with her or are her eyes red because she just woke up.

I just started noticing it that her bottom eyelid looks like if its to low and red but my husband says she is fine Or could she have hit her eye?

My Answer:

Hi Priscilla,

Thank you for writing. Sorry for the delay in answering your questions, as I receive many e-mails and sometimes it takes me some time to get caught up.

For me to try to assist you with your problem, I have a couple of questions to ask:

When you look at her eyes, are they irritated and/or watery?

Does Lola squint or shy away from light?

Is she blinking repeatedly?

Is she constantly pawing or scratching her eyes?

Take a look at her eyelids; do they appear turned inward or outward?

Have you noticed any change in the color -blue or gray? Are they cloudy?

Any kind of discharge (thick, yellow or green) from her eyes?

Do you notice any growths (looks like little piece of loose skin) on the eyelid?

Does Lola have any problem with running into stationary objects in her path?

Any other medical problems?

Priscilla, please get back to me with the answers to these questions.

Readers Response - Priscilla Writes:

Thank you for writing back.

It is only the left eye that looks irritated from the bottom not watery

She doesn't squint or shy away from light

She is not blinking repeatedly

Not pawing or scratching her eyes

Her left bottom eyelid appears turned outward.( I can tell it looks different than her right eye)

Eye color is the same ( hazel kind of greenish)

No discharge

No growths

She does run into everything inside the house but that is when I throw the ball for her to get. Is it because she wants to get it that bad that she runs into everything?

She has no medical problems.

My Answer:

The information given here is to help you learn more about your Labrador Retriever and not to replace your veterinarian's advice. Disclaimer

Thanks for the response to my questions, and the great pictures. Looks like you have your hands full with them. They are both so adorable!

Irritations of your Labrador Retrievers eye(s) in a dog can be caused by many different things: dust and dirt, running into things, allergies, lashes growing inward/outward, fighting, and more.

Some possible causes of Lola's eye problem:

She could have hit her eye as you mentioned in your e-mail. Our Labradors are always running around, jumping, playing, and will run face first into things (branches, tables, etc). Scratches to the eye, irritations will cause some major redness to her eye(s). This redness can be present for a few hours or a few days.

Lola could also have something trapped under her eyelid, such as dust, dirt or other debris. Anything trapped will definitely cause the redness to her eye.

Allergies can also cause a reddening of her eye(s)

There is a possibility she has a condition called Ectropion - the lower lid is loose, droops, and eyelashes actually turn outward. This creates a pocket or pouch, allowing debris to accumulate, that cause irritation and inflammation which may lead to infection. Mild cases are treated with eye drops or ointments which help to alleviate the irritations and to prevent infections. In more severe cases, a surgical procedure is done.

What I would do Priscilla is I would rinse Lola's eyes out with a good dog eyewash and also take a look to see if any debris are in her eyes. You can use the corner of a tissue to wipe away an object from her eyes (Never, never use tweezers to remove objects). I would also take her to your veterinarian (or at least give them a call) to have the eye checked further.

Here is a site for further reference in regards to eye conditions which may be of some help to you.

I hope I have been of some help to you and Lola. Please keep me updated on her condition and what the veterinarian tells you if you take her for a visit. Any further information you provide will be helpful to me and the other readers of All About Labrador blog. If you have any other questions on this matter or any other matter, I'm just an e-mail away.

Take care of yourself and those beautiful Labrador Retrievers.

Click on her name to see some photos of the adorable Lola

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