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Food and our Labrador Retrievers

From: Stephanie (USA)
Subject: Importance of food that we feed to our Labradors

I want to thank Stephanie (USA) for e-mailing this letter to me. She provides some great advice on what we feed our Labrador Retrievers and how it relates to different conditions that can occur with this lovable breed. Truly appreciated Stephanie!

Reader's E-mail - Stephanie Writes:

I have had labs all of my life and currently have 3. My older black and younger black started shedding clumps and had a lot of gray, which was dry skin causing the coat to appear dull and discolored. They both had chronic ear infections and my yellow had an odor and whenever we would pet him, our eyes would itch from whatever he was giving off.

I did some research online and came across . I read info on the site for over 3 hours, reading testimonials and figured why not. I had talked with my vet previously and he really offered no cures other than possibly allergies or to put them on medications. After reviewing the site, I realized that I needed to put them on better food and supplement their diets. I put them all on Eaglepack Duck food and bought the nzymes vitamin tablets. I am not even kidding, but within one week, both of my blacks had shiny, black velvet coats, brighter eyes and after some time, the ear infections ceased. (They all swim several times weekly.) My yellow stopped shedding so much, his odor went away and my days of vacuuming daily are over! I now vacuum once a week with hardly any dog hair at all.

I do not work for either company, but have told everyone I know who has dogs, especially labs, to research it and make the switch. I did have a period of time when I had a limited budget, switched them back to a common brand of dog food and they started showing it. I immediately vowed I would never do that again. I believe that what we feed our dogs truly affects them with coat issues, allergies, infections and general well being---no different than how quality of foods and diet affects us humans. I hope this will help other lab owners to give their pets optimal health and reduce the stress of shedding that a poor diet causes us humans!


All About Labradors Blog Response:

Hello Stephanie,

Thank you for visiting All About Labradors and the wonderful information. All I can say is that you are right on the money!

You couldn't be more correct with your statement " I believe that what we feed our dogs truly affects them with coat issues, allergies, infections and general well being---no different than how quality of foods and diet affects us humans".

If you look at many of the answers to some of the e-mail questions I receive, you will see that many, many times I recommend a switching to a high quality dog food (good choice on your part with Eagle Pack). It's just to important an issue not to feed them the best available foods.

I appreciate your letter and would like to post it to the All About Labradors blog, if that is alright with you. Please let me know.

Once again, thank you.


Reader's E-mail - Stephanie's Response:

Absolutely. And thanks for your great response. I didn't go through many emails on the site, so didn't see those...just saw the few on the first page which led me to write to you. Keep up the good work! :-)

Fellow Lab Lover,


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Stephanie Rona March 27, 2012 4:05 PM  

I am concerned when looking into Eagle Pack, and the 2nd or 3rd ingredient on all of them are 'yellow corn meal".

What is out there that doesn't have corn meal. My guess, is that is you weren't giving you dogs nzymes as well, that they would not have recovered on Eagle Pack alone.

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