Monday, December 31, 2007

Black Labrador Retriever’s front paws turned white - part II

From: Pat (USA)

Subject: Black Labrador Retriever’s front paws turned white - part II

Labrador Retrievers name: Gypsy Rose Lee

This is the second part of a two part reader's e-mail. To read the first part visit: Black Labrador Retriever’s front paws turned white - part I

All About Labradors Blog Response:

Hi Pat,

Your welcome! Love the names of both of your Labradors. Two Labrador Retrievers... you have your hands full. Like you, I also have a female black Labrador retriever and a female chocolate Labrador Retriever.

I agree with you 100 percent, Labs are without a doubt the most wonderful dogs in the world!

Did the vet state they would try anything in regards to the vitiligo? I don't believe there is much they can really do about it. I know there are some supplements available such as L Tyrosine, but I don't recall reading anything to support the return of pigmentation with the use of supplements.

If you ever need any other help in regards to your Lab girls, don't hesitate to ask.

Take care of yourself,

Reader's E-mail - Pat's Response:

Hi Fay,

I have another question about my Labs. I hope you can help me.

I have read/heard so much conflicting advice about dog food. I’ve tried Iams, Science Hill, etc. For the past 6-8 months (before all of the recalls began) I’ve been using Blackwood. This was great during the recall because this food has no gluten, wheat, etc., & everything is made/raised in the U.S. Also, their coats started looking much, much better – their hair no longer came out in clumps.

However, they HATE this food & have lost weight since I’ve begun using it. Maggie Mae has a sensitive stomach, & this food seems to upset her even more. My vet says give them Purina. The kennel owner says Blackwood only. Others say the Science Diet. I just don’t know what to do. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks so much for any help you can give me!

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All About Labradors Blog Response:

Hello Pat,

No problem Pat, here are a few good quality foods I recommend.

EaglePack -

Wellness - (Super 5 Mix or Core)

Precise Plus -

Canidae -

These are some of the better foods for you Labrador Retrievers. Please let me know what foods you try and how they are working. If none of these foods work for your Labradors I do have others I can recommend. Thanks Pat.

Talk to you soon,

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