Sunday, December 02, 2007

Dog Lover’s Choice™ Natural EXTRA™ Topping

Hello everyone, hope all is going well and everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving. A quick note that as of the new year I will be posting new rules in regards to the e-mail questions sent. I just can't keep up with all the questions (my apologies, I'm trying). I will be posting new rules shortly and will continue answering as many as possible.

Now for the free sample. Over at the Dog Lover's Choice website you can request a free sample of Natural Extra Topping.

Product Information from site: "We developed Dog Lover’s Choice™ Natural EXTRA™ Topping because we felt dry dog foods were lacking an important element. If you think about it, in order to arrive at your house and be safe and wholesome, even the freshest product may have taken 4 to 10 weeks to get there. In order for the product to remain “fresh” and wholesome it must be heated and cooked several times during the process. This is to prevent it from spoiling or becoming moldy. Think about a nice piece of meat, fish or poultry … then cook and re-heat it several times. By the time you open a bag of dog food, it may be weeks before it’s gone. That means the food is exposed to oxygen and can become stale. As we all know, most stale foods are usually tasteless.

Our idea was simple - add the taste and nutrition right when the dog is going to eat the food."

To request your free sample visit the Dog Lover's Choice website.

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