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Aggressive Behavior in Labrador Retriever? - part I

From: Lisa (USA)

Subject: Aggressive behavior in Labrador Retriever?

Labrador Retriever Name: N/A

This is part one of a two part e-mail from Lisa. To read part two of this e-mail visit: Aggressive Behavior in Labrador Retriever? - part II

Reader's E-mail - Lisa Writes:

Hi, Could you possibly lead me in the right direction?

I have had a dog my entire life. Got a lab puppy 3 1/2 yrs. ago. Had a old lab mix (10 yrs) at the time. Old dog taught puppy bad habits, barking at people, being very protective at the house, in the car, at the park, etc. I have a 9 and 11 year old kids. Dogs have always been a big part of our family, live with us in the house, sleep on the bed, etc. I have trained her to do many, many tricks. She is smart.

Old dog died in September. Puppy is still very protective. When I drop my kids off in car pool line, she barks at the kids and acts like she wants to tear them up. When my kids have friends over, we let the dog see them, smell, them, talk to them and then she is fine.

The other day, my sons friend came to the door and my daughter without thinking opened the door and the dog came running out barking, the boy jumped off the step and then ran into the house, the dog bit him in the leg, broke the skin. I spanked her and left her in the garage while we ate dinner and I cleaned up. When she came back in she went to the boy and sat and I made her shake his hand and she was fine after that.

I think he caught her off guard and he was scared and ran from her. But...I can't allow that. What should I do? Do you think I can find some one with some experience, to come to my house and help me to teach her to be more friendly? I appreciate any direction you can give. We love our dog so much and it's worth it to get help.


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All About Labradors Blog response:

Hi Lisa,

Sorry to hear about your problem. There are many different reasons dogs bite: mouthing as a puppy, prey biting, fear, protection, aggression.

In your case its sounds as though your lab was either scared or was protecting his space. Same goes for the barking in the car.

I believe your Labrador needs some behavior modification. I do recommend that you get professional training to help with your problem. Ask your veterinarian for a recommendation if you don't know of a trainer.

Has your Lab been spayed? Heat cycles bring hormonal changes that can lead to personality changes.

I hoped this helps some Lisa, as it is hard for me to recommend other specific help without me spending time with your Lab.

Please let me know what you do decide and how your Lab ( what is her name ) is doing. Thanks.

Talk to you soon,

Reader's E-mail - Lisa Writes:

Thanks for replying. Last night we went camping and when it got dark, my 9 year old girl was afraid that the dog would get attacked by wild animals, coyotes, or anything, so she was laying on her and holding on to her and wouldn't hardly let her breath. We told her to stop over and over and finally the dog turned and snapped at whatever was there and got her face :( We ran to the ER and she had to have stitches on her face, which I'm horrified about.

Everyone in my family says it wasn't the dogs fault, I disagree. To me, no matter what you do to the dog they shouldn't bite, snap, show aggression in anyway. They all love the dog and don't want me to get rid of her. I live about 60 miles from Birmingham Alabama and I'm thinking there has to be someone who can help me there. I have sent an e-mail to the President of the Birmingham Kennel Club asking for a referral. Do you think the dog can be changed? I know she is smart I have taught her many, many tricks. What do you think?


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Anonymous,  January 21, 2012 5:33 PM  

A neighbor has a golden lab that is now about 1 1/2 years old. I was getting into my car in my driveway a few houses down, and the dog was loose and came running at full speed, tail tucked, hair standing on his back, growling, and showing his teeth. I was firm and told him to go back and go home but he only got more aggressive. I managed to get the car door open, and when I turned to get into the car he lunged at me again stopped only by the car door. I have never even been near the dog, so he had no reason to try and attack me. I called the police, who instructed the owners they had to keep the dog leashed at all times when not in their fenced yard. I have always known Labs to be gentle, friendly, dogs but then again they have all been hunting dogs. I think maybe labs have some sort of built up aggression if they can't hunt or run free. I hope the neighbors get help for the problem or at least keep the dog in their yard before a child or older person gets bitten. Of course with the owners present, the dog was very friendly towards the police officer. Something is wrong with that dog. I might add that the woman that had her face torn off in France, that had to get the face transplant, was attacked by her own Lab. No one should allow an aggressive dog of any kind, and should get pro help as soon as they see signs.
Seriously, I have NEVER met an aggressive Lab before and I have spent my whole life around all types of dogs.
Like people, some dogs needs psychiatric help.

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