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Yellow Labrador Retriever with tear problem - part II

From: Keith and Joan (New Zealand)
Labrador Retriever: Chester Charles
Subject: Yellow Labrador Retriever with tear problem - part II

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All About Labradors Blog Answer:

Hi Joan and Keith,

The information given here is to help you learn more about your Labrador Retriever and not to replace your veterinarian's advice. Disclaimer

Thank you for the replies to my questions and for the photos of Chester Charles. He is a great looking Labrador Retriever!

There are many different reasons for excessive tearing and eye discharges with our Labrador Retrievers. Based on the symptoms that you provided with the answers to my questions, I will list what I believe may possibly be Chester Charles problem.

I'm not quite sure from the photos of Chester Charles, but that looks like staining to his fur under his eyes. The medical term for this condition is called Epiphora. What happens is that excessive tears drain down Chester Charles face, and over a period of time, exposure to the moisture causes irritation and infection. The fur in that area becomes stained a brown to reddish color due to the tear pigments. Do you notice any order to that area?

Irritations to your Labrador Retrievers eye’s will produce more tears, as this helps flush away any irritants that might have contaminated the surface of the eye.

Discharge from the eyes that continues throughout the day, may be a sign that your Labrador Retriever has an infection. Eye infections are fairly common, and can just occur on their own, or can occur when something gets trapped in your Labrador Retrievers eye. They can also occur when the cornea gets scratched.

Signs of an eye infection can be seen with Chester Charles eye discharge appearance. It will often appear thick, with a green, gray or yellow color. It can also form crusting on the eyelids.

Allergies can also cause discharges from the eyes, but they are usually clear and can be sticky. Your Labrador Retriever may scratch his eyes and they may be bloodshot as well, but from what you state in your answers to my questions, Chester Charles is not displaying any of these symptoms.

There is also a condition called Entropion, which is an inward rolling of the eyelid edges. The eyelids roll inwards so that the hairs rub against the cornea, causing significant discomfort to the cornea. Entropion often affects the outer aspect of the lower eyelids of one or both eyes. Entropion can cause tearing, rubbing of the eyes, thick discharge from the eyes, and wetness on hairs adjacent to the eyelids. Surgical correction is required as treatment.

What I would definitely recommend to you Joan and Keith, is to get Chester Charles to your veterinarian to have his eyes checked, especially due to the fact that Chester's eyes have been tearing for as long as they have. Not to mention the fact that the eyes are something you don't want to fool around with.

Some things you can do for Chester Charles eyes:

First thing in the morning, gently wipe away any discharge, sleepers from the eyes with a moistened tissue. You can moisten the tissue with a good cleaning solution, which you can get from your pet store or veterinarian, although tap water is fine. Make sure you use a separate tissue for each eye.

You can also take a look in the eye to see if there is anything stuck inside the eye and remove with a moist tissue. Never dig or use tweezers in your Labrador Retriever's eye.

If that is staining under Chester Charles eye, there are products such as Tear Clear and other tear stain supplements that can help, as well as wiping the area with peroxide. Use caution not to get any in the eye if using the peroxide.

Make sure you are feeding Chester Charles high quality nutritional dog food. If you need recommendation, please let me know.

I hope this is of help to both of you and most of all Chester Charles. If you don't understand anything, or have further questions, please don't hesitate to write.

Also please keep me up to date with Chester Charles condition and anything the veterinarian tells you, should you decide to take him.

Take care of yourselves and Chester Charles,


Reader's E-mail - Joan and Keith's Response:

Dear Fay,

Thank you for your prompt reply about our Chester Charles eye problem. I think you had it right and I now feel it has been a dust problem, as we have been having our 5 acre property split up.

I will follow your advice and let you know later if we have success.
Best wishes and Cheerio from Joan.

PS: We have had a lot of success with Colloidal Silver as a healer.

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