Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Labrador Retriever finds his way Home

I wanted to share a wonderful story I received from Josie in regards to her chocolate Labrador Retriever who goes by the name of Jake.

Reader's E-mail - Josie Writes:

Good Morning Fay,

Not sure if you remember me, but I am the one with the chocolate lab named Jake and you posted his photo on your Labradors Blog last year. I wanted to share with you an amazing story about my Jake.

My husband takes Jake to the park every morning where he can run and meet up with his buddies and enjoy a few hours of play time. The part is about a mile away from our home. This past Sunday, my husband called me around 10:00 AM to tell me that Jake had wandered off and he could not find him and that he was looking for him for about an hour. Everyone was on a search for Jake. Animal shelters were notified as well as the police. My heart sank and I was uncontrollable. I told my husband that he could not come home without Jake. I was frantic and felt helpless.

It must of been about 15 minutes later when I heard a bark. I thought to myself that sounds like my Jakie. I looked out my window and I saw a tale wagging. I ran down the stairs as fast as I could and there he was barking and wagging his tail at the front door. This dog had found his way home from the park that is a mile away crossing big streets. I don't know how he did it, as my husband never walked to the park with him. They always drive there. I was so overwhelmed to see him. All I could think of was that god was guiding him back home safely.

I tried to reach my husband on his cellphone, but of course he never heard it. He finally called me and I asked him "Did you find Jake? He said he had not, so I said "Well, he is here at home". He was totally amazed and happy at the same time. I wanted to share this story with you as I think it is amazing. We just don't realize how smart dogs really are. I shower him with so many kisses each morning as I think of how I could of lost him forever.

Take care and have a wonderful day.

Best regards,

All About Labradors Reply:

Hello Josie,

How are you. It's so wonderful to hear from you. I'm assuming the whole nipping / mouthing problem has long past? How did it work out with his "Alpha" condition?

What a wonderful story. I'm so glad that Jake is back and safe. I'm also amazed that he made it home without ever walking the route. Every once in a blue moon will I hear a story of a dog being lost and then making their way home from a few miles away.

I do remember reading about a British biologist named Rupert Shedake, who compiled a database of story involving cats and dogs returning. They were transported from home to an location they were never at before, and followed a different route home.

Thank you for sharing this story and it is great to hear from you again.

Take care of yourself,

For those of you that don't know, I had the pleasure of talking to Josie when she first wrote me an e-mail pertaining to Jake occasionally nipping/mouthing and a possible problem with the "Alpha Dog" leader concept (that's why I asked in the above reply.

To read the original e-mail on Jake's problems as a young Labrador Retriever pup visit:

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You can also see the adorable photo of Jake by visiting: Jake 3/04/07

Once again, a big thank you to Josie for sharing this story and for giving us an update on Jake. Make sure you give Jake hugs and kisses for me!

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