Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How to Understand Your Labrador Retriever

To totally understand the true character of the Labrador Retriever, dog owners must have a solid grip on the three most important aspects that make up this animal's temperament and character.

Three Things You Can Always Rely On When Raising A Labrador Retriever

1. Labs Are Like A Box Of Cookies: The most important thing to understand with Labrador Retrievers is that they are peculiar and not every Lab is the same. A Labrador is like a box of cookies, they come in all sorts and you never know just what you will get as they become adults.

Many Labs demonstrate the same interests in the following: hunting, running, retrieving, and swimming, but oftentimes you may get a Labrador puppy that may completely hate water. If you are lucky enough, your Lab may not have an oral fascination, which causes many of these dogs to eat anything they can get a hold of.

One thing you can positively count on is that every Labrador Retriever is special and through proper training, attention, and love, you will have a wonderful dog that will show the utmost in loyalty and affection until its last day on earth with you.

2. Labs Are Natural Born Hunters: Unlike most other hunting dog breeds, Labs do not just wait for its human hunting companion to command them to retrieve fallen birds. These dogs have to be so love that they can mark the fallen foul themselves.

Many people believe that Labrador Retrievers are more aware of their surroundings than other hunting dogs because of their heritage. When hunting, Labs await for the right signal from their hunter in order to find their prey. While at home, they regularly wait by their owner's side for the next task or command, regardless of what it is. It could be to walk, eat, etc. This is what makes Labrador Retriever dogs just a little too needy for some owners.

3. Labs Must Be Well Trained: As hunters, Labs have to be able to follow specific rules in order to find birds. So, even if they do not have a direction to move in, they will keep hunting without giving up. So, basically, a good Lab literally takes matters into its own hands to get the job finished.

These characteristics are great for dog owners to enjoy having a service dog that can take on its own in certain situations. Alternatively, it's bad for dog owners who are not able of providing absolutely no direction whatsoever. This is where most issues lie with new Labrador owners.

Several people see well-trained Labs at the beach or walking with their owners and think to themselves “I should get one of those dogs. They’re so well trained!” Little do they know that these pets are never born trained. It takes regular progressive dedication to exact training protocols, all based on a Labrador's genetic make up. For many people, this can prove too much work for to handle. They will more than likely end up with nothing but issues and annoyance with their dog.

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