Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Labrador Retriever's Paws Changing Colors - part I

Subject: Labrador Retriever's Paws Changing Colors - part I

From: Doug (England)

Labrador Retriever name: Mollie

Reader's E-mail - Doug Writes :


We've noticed that the paw pads of my 3yr old chocolate Labrador bitch, Mollie, have changed colour this summer, pink on the outside and hardly any dark. Is this anything to be concerned about? Her mouth area from below her nose to just around/under her lower front lips has become pink also. Otherwise she seems very healthy, good diet and full of beans. Any suggestions welcomed.


All About Labradors Response:

Hello Doug,

Thank you for writing and visiting the All About Labradors blog. I know of a couple of reasons this could be happening, but I want to rule out another possibility. Please provide me with the answers to the questions listed below.

What kind of bowls do you use to feed Mollie? ( plastic, stainless steel, etc)

Any problems with color change on the nose itself?

Does Mollie have any patches of white hairs, or white hairs scattered in her hair coat?

Any prior medical problems with Mollie?

With all the email questions I receive, I always ask a favor of the person writing. If you have any photos of your Labrador Retriever, that you could email me, I would love to post them to the Labrador Retriever Pictures blog. You DO NOT have to send a photo to receive an answer to your question.

OK Doug, get the answer to these questions back to me at your earliest convenience and we will continue from there.
Awaiting your reply,


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