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Chocolate Labrador Retriever Nips Occasionally - part I

Readers E-mail: Josephine writes


I have a chocolate Lab who will be a year old on February 23rd. We love him dearly. I have a few questions that maybe you can answer for me.

He still nips on occasion. Usually when playing. Will this eventually stop.

I believe he thinks he is my boss. My husband, on the other hand is the "Alfa Dog" and he listens to him more than me. I work all day and my husband is retired, so he is with him constantly. I am a little jealous, as I wish I could get all the attention that my husband gets. But, of course, when I am home I spoil him terribly. So I think this is why he thinks he is my boss.

Would love to hear what you think.


Hello Josephine,

Thank you for writing.

First off, my black Labrador retriever - Dakota turned three on Feb 13.

Love your e-mail, especially with your knowledge with the whole "Alpha Dog", leader concept.

I will tell you what I think and try to help you, but need a couple of answers from you first.

Who does he nip/mouth (just you, your husband, everyone)?

When does he nip? I know you said usually when playing, but any other time?

Is there any aggressive behavior?

Is your Labrador Retriever trained, and if he is, who did the training?

Now I know he is with your husband all the time, but please let me know who handles the following chores: (you / your husband / or both of you)

Play Time

What is his name :)

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