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Black Labrador Retriever - Losing hair and Dry Skin - part I

Subject: Black Labrador Retriever - Losing hair and Dry Skin - part I

From: Dana (USA)

Labrador Retriever name: Sampson

Reader's E-mail - Dana Writes:

I have a black lab that has had skin problems for a couple years now. I have tried a lot of things, baths, ointments, antibiotics. Yogurt and blueberries. He has lost a lot of hair and scratches constantly.


All About Labradors Reply:

Hi Dana,

Sorry to hear about your Labrador Retrievers problem. I am going to need you to answer some questions to better understand your Labradors problems.

What is your Labrador Retrievers name?

How old is he?

Any problem with fleas? Fleas can be difficult to find, especially in black labs.

Here is a website that shows you how you can check for fleas:

Does my dog or cat have fleas?

Where does your Labrador scratch?

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What do you feed your Lab? I need you to be specific - table scrapes, dog food brand and flavor, treat brand and flavor, bones, etc.

Does he get skin infections?

Any problems with his ears? (dirty, discharges, smell, etc)

Any problems with discharges from his nose?

Does he has severe dandruff or dry skin?

Does he have greasy, smelly fur?

Any change in skin color?

Any scales or rash?

Any hot spots (open sores)?

Any pimples or boils?

Is the hair loss in a single patch or on various areas?

Is hair loss on his face, his limbs or his body?

Are the hair loss areas itchy?

Is the hair falling out, broken off or chewed out?

Are the hairless areas inflamed and raw?

Any shape to the hair loss areas?

Does your Labrador Retriever scoot?

Any problem with his paws?

Is he a nervous Labrador?

Have you taken him to the veterinarian while he has had this problem?

Are you writing from the USA or another country?

With all the email questions I receive, I always ask a favor of the person writing. If you have any photos of your Labrador Retriever, that you could email me, I would love to post them to the Labrador Retriever Pictures blog. You DO NOT have to send a photo to receive an answer to your question.

If you do send a photo, and would like any caption to appear under the photo (Ex: Fido eating the garbage, my trip to the beach, dressed up for Christmas, etc.) make sure you let me know.

Sorry for so many questions Dana, but there are some many different reasons for skin problems and hair loss with our Labrador Retrievers. With the information you give me it might make it easier for me to be able to help your Labrador.

Please get back to me at your earliest convenience with the answers to these questions.


To read the second part of Dana's e-mail visit: Black Labrador Retriever - Losing hair and Dry Skin - part II

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Anonymous,  August 17, 2012 9:12 AM  

Hi I have a 9 week puppy chocolate Labrador. I recently noticed that he has developed a few orange and white scabs behind his ears on his chest on his front two legs. He doesn't scratch or gnaw at them but where the scans are he has lost a little hair. However I can only see hair loss on his legs up til now. Please help. At first I thought it was just dry skin however if it is causing hair loss surely it is something more :/

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