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Labrador Retriever Dry Coat Shampoo

Subject: Labrador Retriever Dry Coat Shampoo

From: A. White (USA)

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Reader's E-mail - A. White writes:

Hi. I have a lab mix who has a very dry coat. Just wondering what kind of shampoos are good for their skin.

All About Labradors Answer:

Hello A White,

The information given here is to help you learn more about your Labrador Retriever and not to replace your veterinarian's advice. Disclaimer

Thank you for writing and visiting All About Labradors. I hope you find it helpful to you and your Labrador Retriever.

My apologies on the long delay as I am over two months behind on e-mails. I receive many e-mails asking for help and it's almost impossible to answer them all (but I'm trying).

A dry coat says a lot about your pet's health. Not getting enough of the right types of fatty acids to maintain a healthy coat, poor quality diet, any internal illness, bathing frequently, using harsh shampoos, frequent swims in chlorinated pools, are just some of the contributing factors that can be causing your Labradors dry coat.

Do you notice any other conditions with your Labrador Retriever other than the dry coat? Ex: runny eyes, nose, scratching, shedding, smells even after baths, change in skin color, open sores, etc.

A good shampoo I recommend and use is Hylyt shampoo, a soap free hypoallergenic shampoo containing emollients, protein, moisturizing factors and essential fatty acids.

Here are some other things that may help:

For the dry, itching skin: A occasional cool bath can be very soothing, especially if you use an oatmeal shampoo (helps relieve dry irritated skin) or add a little colloidal oatmeal (like Aveeno) to the water.

Supplementation with essential fatty acids

As for washing, I only wash my Labrador Retrievers when they smell, which isn't much. I don't believe they need to be bathed unless they are actually dirty and smelly. Sometimes I wash mine once a month, usually though its much longer than that.

Just remember that washing your Labrador too frequently eliminates too much of the natural oils and can dry out the skin. When you do wash, make sure you rinse shampoo out thoroughly. Sometimes I don't even use shampoo, just water.

Lastly, I received an e-mail from a reader about a dry skin shampoo that he makes at home (from February of 2006) that you can see here:

Labrador Dry Skin Shampoo - readers email

I hope this will be of some help to you and your Labrador Retriever. If you don't understand anything, please let me know.

Take care of yourself and your Labrador Retriever,


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