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Understanding Labrador Retrievers - Does Your Dog Have an Oral Obsession?

Labrador Retriever dogs were raised to be great hunting dogs with the power, stamina, and motivation to chase down fallen game and swim as far needed to bring back the prey to its hunter.

These dogs have a natural drive to retrieve. With the highest focus and determination, Labs are serious about their retrieving jobs. Even though most of these dogs are in door pets and do not hunt, they are just as driven when chasing a ball or running after a stick.

Labradors were made and developed to use the power of their jaws just like a stern hand. During almost every waking moment they feel the need to place something in their mouths, and without the presence of an animal, they will grab a hold of anything they possible can. This is extraordinary for people who love playing fetch with their dog but it's not so good for those dog owners that hate when their dogs are always placing items in its mouth.

Labs Have An Oral obsession

Several families run out and buy a puppy without doing an ounce of research as to what type of dog they are getting involved in and how it will act based on its genetics. Trust me, I know. A relative of mine went out and got a Labrador Retriever simply because her neighbor had one. She didn’t realize that this type of dog needs extra special care. She had her hands full with caring for her new dog. Labrador Retrievers are know to have an oral obsession because due to hundreds of years of breeding specifically for grabbing fallen birds into their mouths when hunting. This behavior most definitely carries over into their every day lives.

An educated Lab owner recognizes that any object within their dog's reach is considered fair game and they would never dream of yelling at the dog for such behavior. Uneducated Lab owners consider this behavior useless and will yell or even hit the animal in an attempt to get the dog to stop putting stuff in its mouth.

There is a very fine line between letting your Lab express its inner retrieving needs, and allowing it to destroy anything within the house it can nibble on. This is where specific training and obedience lessons come into play. These dogs are born to chew so you must take provisions for their tendency to chew by using a crate and dog proofing your home.

Regular supervision and developing daily playtime sessions with your Lab is a necessity for both you and your dog to be healthy. Unfortunately, many people bite off way more than they are able to chew when getting a Labrador Retriever. Many dog owners fail to realize that labs need a lot of love and care. If you decide to not to participate in the proper upbringing and training that a Lab requires, you will become very frustrated and unhappy while your dog becomes bored and violent. So, before getting that cuddly Labrador Retriever, you need to consider whether or not you are capable of handling all that it takes to care for one.

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