Monday, February 04, 2008

National Canine Weight Check

A quick question to all my Labrador Retriever owners. Do you think your Labrador Retriever is overweight? I'm curious to how everyone would answer this question.

I would like to take a little poll on this. If the readers of this blog can do me a favor and answer this question with a YES for their Labrador Retriever being overweight or a No for not being overweight it would be appreciated. You can send your answer in e-mail or just post it as a comment. Please give your honest answer before you read the rest of this post and visit the Stop Canine Obesity website.

"Your dog’s weight is a serious matter. So is ignoring it.

In February 2008, veterinarians across the country are teaming up for the first-ever National Canine Weight Check, a free and simple way to help you determine if your dog is overweight. Just take your dog to a participating veterinary office, and in many cases, you won’t even need an appointment.

At the weight check:

Your dog will receive a free weight assessment, including breed-specific information where applicable.

You’ll receive a weight check card where you can keep a record of your dog’s weight, along with educational materials on canine obesity and its health implications.

You’ll also receive a postcard that you can mail in for a free gift, just for participating in the weight check."

To learn more on the National Canine Weight Check and to find a participating veterinarian in your area, visit the Stop Canine Obseity website. Please be advised this is only for residents of the USA.

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