Monday, February 11, 2008

Iams ProActive Health $5 Coupon

I would like to thank Deborah for writing and letting me know about this coupon. I'm also adding a new category to the All About Labradors blog for coupons.

For all of you that feed your Labrador Retrievers Iams dog foods, you can get yourself a coupon to save $5 off Iams ProActive Health by visiting the Iams website (the link for the coupon is toward the middle of their website).

Information from the Iams website:

Iams® ProActive™ Health promotes 7 Signs of Healthy Vitality.

1. Strong, Firm Muscles
2. Healthy Digestion
3. Soft, Shiny Coat
4. Healthy Bones and Joints
5. Healthy Heart
6. Healthy Immune System
7. Healthy Teeth

You can request your coupon by following the link above or by clicking on this direct link to the coupon.

The above links are for U.S. residents only and limited to one per household.

Residents of Canada can also get coupons for Iams products by clicking here.

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