Sunday, February 10, 2008

Free Holistic Blend Sample

Visit the Holistic Blend® website to request a free sample of their All Life Stages Canine Formula dog food.

Holistic Blend® a family owned company, based in Canada.

Information from the Holistic Blends website: "We believe a pet's health, behaviour, temperament, longevity, ability to reproduce successfully and to recover from trauma depends greatly upon properly administered and sustained nutrition. Holistic nutrition considers the animal's total wellness- looking beyond basic dietary requirements, to achieve optimum equilibrium between body, mind & spirit.

We use high quality ingredients in our food formulas, supplements, alternative aids and treats to proactively build, maintain and repair functional systems."

They have two different canine formulas to choose from:

Lamb & Rice All Life Stages Canine Formula
Chicken, Rice & Vegetable All Life Stages Canine Formula

For those of you that own cats, they also offer All Life Stages Chicken Feline Formula for your cat.

Information from the Holisti Blends website: "Canine Formula Highlights:

*Free Range New Zealand Lamb Meal (Lamb & Rice All Life Stages Canine Formula)
*Free range Chicken meal (Chicken, Rice & Vegetable All Life Stages Canine Formula)
*Holistic & Conventional Veterinary recommended
*Chelated minerals, whole grains, fruits, antioxidants and herbs
*Promotes healthy skin and coat
*Highly digestible and palatable
*Balanced Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids (5-1 ratio)
*Ingredients allow for smaller feeding portions
*Healthy stools - stimulates the breakdown of ammonia to reduce stool & urine odour"

To learn more about their products and company, visit the Holistic Blends website. To request your free sample or further information you will have to register with them. On the Holistic Blends website, at the top right corner you will see "Not yet registered with Holistic Blend, Sign Up Here". Click that link to make your request.

Here is a direct link to sign up, if it doesn't work, use the above link to register. It looks as though they offer their samples to many different countries.

If any of our readers have used Hoilstic Blends foods, please let us know what you think.

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