Thursday, February 21, 2008

Free Dog Food Sample from Pet Eats

UPDATE: 02/22/08 They are now stating that this free sample is only available to Michigan Residents.

Seems as though we have had our fair share of free samples lately. This one is for a free dog food sample from Pet Eats (for those of you with cats, they have samples for them also).

Information from the Pet Eats website: "Pet Eats sells only premium natural, holistic & organic pet foods made with top quality, human-grade ingredients. All brands we sell are made in the United States and are USDA/APHIS certified and inspected. Our own Pet Eats brand food goes a step further by attaining EU certification."

For those of you interested in requesting a free sample of their dog food, you can do so by clicking Pet Eats.

This one is for the USA only.

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