Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Training Your Puppy and Dog - Product Alert

Browsing the internet today when I came across this website on an indoor Dog Potty.

No More Housetraining Nightmare! Never Worry About Your Dog's Bathroom Needs Again!

Wizdog LLC - Indoor Dog Potty is a revolutionary housetraining system for all dogs and puppies. Pee pads get shredded or stepped-in after liquid elimination and tracked all over carpet and furniture. Consisting of a durable plastic pan and fitted grate, liquid waste dispenses through the grate onto newspaper or pee pad, separated from your dog's paws. This is the cleanest, simplest and lowest cost solution to dog housetraining. Go take a look for yourself - Wizdog LLC

Decided to purchase two, both of my labs are good size, and still working on convincing my husband to add a third Labrador (yellow, so we have all three). Will keep you updated on how it is working. Anyone that has used this product, please share your experiences (good or bad).

Be sure to click on the link to make the dog talk and watch the video.

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