Thursday, January 19, 2006

Labrador Dry Skin

First off, would like to say thanks for all the great emails I receive, nice to talk to all of you. Please continue to send stories, pictures or anything else to do with Labrador Retrievers. I will try to post everything I receive (will not post your email address, unless you want). Thanks again.

Received an email today from Toni who is from Maine. Toni states she has a three year old, female, yellow Labrador named Laci (waiting for picture Toni). She wanted to know if I knew of anything to help her Laci's dry skin problem.


I did have a problem with my black Labradors dry skin, and many dogs do suffer from dry skin. Causes of this can be a dry home, weather, allergies, new medication or diet. How did I help alleviate the problem?

First off, I was told by my veterinarian to add a complete oil (sunflower,corn) to the dogs diet, as this would add essential fatty acids to help aid this.

I also rinse her in chamomile tea. I just boil up a kettle of the tea, then cool it to room temperature and pour it over her. This helps to sooth her dry skin. I like to use some Aloe Vera also, as it helps to sooth the skin also. Plus Aloe is non-toxic, so don't have to worry about her ingesting it. She doesn't seem to like the taste anyway.

Hope this helps!

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Anonymous,  February 17, 2010 4:22 PM  

Thanks for the info!

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