Sunday, January 01, 2006


Our second lab is Meeko, aka "Dopey" and "The Bull". Meeko came to us from Oklahoma. Whelped on November 4, 2004, to Sir: Rusty Big Dummy and Dam: Coco Baby, she is a wonderful chocolate purebred Labrador and growing like a weed.

Called "Dopey" by my daughter because she just turns her head and gives you a dopey look everytime you talk to her. We call her "The Bull" because she runs around plowing into things, knocking them over. She also likes to snort a lot.

Meekos favorite thing to do is eat. She will eat just about anything, including the garbage. Still working on her swimming, as she is not as fluent as Dakota is (she seems to panic sometimes). She also love a game of catch, even though she will try to eat the object you throw to her.

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