Friday, January 06, 2006

Is spaying or neutering for your dog?

Earlier this afternoon, I was talking to a girlfriend, who just recently acquired a Labrador Retriever puppy, about having Labs spayed or neutered. She was asking me what she should do, and what I did with my dogs.
I told her it was going to be a tough choice she would have to make. I explained that I had my two Labs (Dakota and Meeko) spayed for various reasons, the first one being that I did not buy my Labradors with the intent to breed them. The second reason I stated was that I knew that there was a decreased risk of cancer and other heath related issues in my Labradors after the procedure is done. I finished by telling her this was an important decision , and that she should also consult with her veterinarian more about this.
Anyway, as I was looking up information this evening, when I came across this article, which I know will be helpful for her, and might be helpful to other Labrador owners who are facing the same decision right now...
Is spaying or neutering for your dog?

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