Friday, November 18, 2011

Stem Cell Treatment for your Labrador Retriever

Is your Labrador Retriever entering their golden twilight years? Is movement painful and slow, slowed by hip dysplasia, arthritis or other degenerative joint diseases. Stem cell therapy may be of help.

Stem cell therapy is not a new procedure but more veterinarians are now offering stem cell therapy for dogs, as it is believed that the stem cells can increase the dogs ability to decrease inflammation while helping the injured tissues to regenerate. The pricey yet powerful procedure is helping ease arthritic pain for more and more dogs.

"Veterinarians and researchers describe stem cell regenerative therapy as a major scientific development in the treatment of arthritis, hip dysplasia, ligament and cartilage injuries and other degenerative joint diseases in dogs, cats, horses and other animals. The technology uses an adult animals own stem cells to heal itself."

"Vet-Stem Regenerative Veterinary Medicine reports the Current Canine Uses for Stem Cells:

The following conditions have been treated by companion animal veterinarians with reported favorable outcomes:

* Canine osteoarthritis - hip, elbow, knee, shoulder
* Canine immune mediated polyarthritis
* Tendon and Ligament injuries
* Integrated with surgical repair of joints or ligaments"

"One year ago, 12-year-old pit bull mix Sherman and Gunner, a 9-year-old Labrador, were hobbling around and in visible pain. Now, their owners say, they are active and energetic... Dogs show off benefits of stem cell therapy

Veteran's Day Honor: Search & Rescue Dogs of 9-11 Receive Breakthrough Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy from MediVet-America ... One of the last surviving search & rescue dogs deployed in the 9/11 attacks, now 15 years old, will receive a breakthrough stem cell regenerative treatment from MediVet-America to help ease crippling arthritis and live out her days in greater comfort. At least two other 9/11 dogs also will receive the same stem cell therapy.

Dog With Severe Hip Dysplasia Receives Help With Stem Cells...

3-year-old black lab is one of a handful of dogs in California to receive this new treatment for hip dysplasia. Cost is a fraction of full hip replacement surgery but is still in early stages, though dogs have shown success in being pain free.

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