Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dealing With Hot Spots on Your Labrador Retriever

A hot spot (acute moist dermatitis) is a painful skin condition that commonly affects dogs. It typically first appears as a small round lesion on the skin, then quickly grows larger and more irritated looking as your Labrador Retriever licks or chews on it. Frequent scratching, chewing or licking on one place can result in a hot spot (acute moist dermatitis).

Hotspots can be caused by an allergy, flea infestation, arthritis, ear infections, anal gland problems, poor grooming and mange.

Dog Hot Spots a Common Dog Skin Problem...

It is important to treat hot spots promptly to prevent spreading. Treatment must be directed at stopping the growth of the hot spot and eliminating the cause.

How to Deal With a Hot Spot on Your Dog ...

"Natural and holistic remedies are beneficial for both humans and animals. They are a gentle and safe alternative for breeds of all ages, and also support overall health and wellbeing. Homeopathic ingredients including Arum triph, Viola tri, Comocladia, Chamomilla and Cina provide symptomatic relief for itchiness, scratching, redness and burning and restores the skin and coat back to health... Natural Help For Hot Spots in Pets

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