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Reasons to Spay Your Female Dog

All About Labradors Guest Post by Crissi Cooley of Oh My Dog Supplies.

If you have a female dog, you may want to consider having her spayed, especially if you don't plan on breeding her in the future. The last thing you want is your dog to get pregnant when you are in no way prepared to deal with puppies. It is fairly easy to have your dog spayed and it can be done comfortably with anesthesia today. While this is not the right choice for every dog, here are some of the reasons that you may want to consider this for your female dog.

Reason #1 - No False Pregnancies

One of the big reasons that you should considering spaying your dog is that no false pregnancies will occur when you do this. Sometimes females that are not spayed may end up having a false pregnancy after their heat period. Their belly may increase in size and sometimes they may even have milk production as well. While it doesn't sound bad, this can cause a variety of hormonal changes in the body of your dog. They can stress out your dog and make her more likely to get infections or other illnesses.

Reason #2 - No Pregnancies

Another reason to spay your female dog is so that pregnancies don't occur. Giving birth can often be dangerous for some dogs, especially if a smaller dog is accidentally impregnated by a larger dog. There is the fact that you may not have a way to raise puppies and you may not be equipped for a dog to give birth either. There is no worry about pregnancy if your dog has been spayed.

Reason #3 - Protection against Certain Health Problems

Spaying can give your dog protection against some health problems as well. Dogs that are spayed don't have to worry about uterine infections. Endometritis and pyometra are two infections that can affect female dogs that are not spayed and both can be deadly. There is no risk of these problems in a female that has been spayed.

Reason #4 - No Heat Periods

There are no heat periods to worry about either when you have your female dog spayed. When a dog goes in heat, usually they have a blood discharge, which can end up being quite messy. If your dog is an inside dog it can lead to stains on your furniture and your rugs. This also may lead her to seek out other males, which is definitely not something you want if she has puppies. You'll avoid the mess and other problems of heat periods if your dog is spayed.

Reason #5 - No Confinement for Your Dog

There is no need to confine your dog during her heat period if she is spayed. When a female goes into heat, leaving her alone can mean puppies. Males that smell a female in heat can come from all over and can even jump fences. You'll have to keep her indoors or keep your eye on her all the time. You may even have to start walking her. This can definitely be a difficult problem, but one that can be avoided with spaying.

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