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User's Guide To A Raw Dog Food Diet

Many people are changing their pets over to a diet of raw dog food. You have probably heard about this trend in canine nutrition. It is not as difficult to do, or as expensive, as you may think. It can actually be less expensive than a dry kibble diet, and your pet's health will be greatly improved.

Your pet is not really that different biologically from wolves and other wild canines. They all have digestive systems that are designed to process prey in its natural state. For a pet, this can be accomplished through ingesting beef, lamb, pork, poultry, and fish. Meaty bones are especially important for dental and digestive health. Raw eggs are also an important source of nutrition.

When a canine is able to fully utilize the nutrients he is given, his health and activity levels markedly improve. Older and sedentary pets become energized and enthusiastic, seeming years younger. Your pet's coat will shine and not have any unpleasant odor. These diets are great for cleaning teeth, and maintaining healthy gums.

A sluggish or lethargic canine will frequently respond to this kind of diet and have increased vigor. Allergic symptoms will usually disappear within a few weeks. Conditions caused by inflammation, such as arthritis, may improve or even disappear, depending on the severity. This diet will also help you get your obese pet slim and active again. Your pet has a far greater chance of an extended and active life. Bitches have been reported to have easier pregnancies, and produce healthier pups, when eating uncooked meals.

Uncooked and unprocessed foods contain vital nutrients that are destroyed in the cooking process. As a canine ages, their body produces fewer digestive enzymes, and uncooked foods contain enzymes that can be used in this process. Also, this diet has no grain, unlike most kibble, a food that is not good for canine health.

You can buy prepared food for this diet or make it yourself out of meats from the butcher's. There are advantages to either system and, as a third alternative, you may want to use both. There are a number of excellent raw meals available in stores or online. There are frozen products that come in individual packets, and dehydrated ones that you add water to before serving.

There are good raw products out there, they are all natural, and many are organic. They are made of raw meats, fruits and vegetables. Frozen ones come in individual packages, or as chunks. You defrost it as needed, and store the rest away in your freezer. The other type is dehydrated. It is minimally processed, and also provides excellent nutrition. You rehydrate portions before a meal. This type is great for its ease in transport and storage. Ten pounds rehydrates into forty pounds of food,

Buying the meats directly from the butcher may save money in the long run, if you have the time, and make the effort, to find quality meats at good prices. You are one step closer in the meal chain so there is more nutrition to be derived. Many people find supplementing prepared food with meaty bones to be optimal.

Either way, a raw food diet is sure to reap many health benefits for your dog. It will increase his chances for a full and healthy life. Any digestive, arthritic or allergic problems he may have should be eliminated. When you give your pet the diet his system is designed to thrive on, you'll have healthy and active companion.

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Jamie is a pet health expert who specializes in organic dog foods. Click Darwin's Natural Pet Food for more information.

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