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A Review on Frontline Spot On for Dogs

A Review on Frontline Spot On for Dogs By Joanne C Chapman:

It's not very often I have problems when it comes to my two black Labradors. Usually they are low maintenance dogs that never seem to get any ailments. It was only a fortnight ago though, when I had quite a surprise. My two dogs were ridden with fleas. I can't imagine this happened overnight, but it's not something I check for regularly, so the infestation could well have been there for quite a while. Well, I couldn't sit around...Something had to be one!

To tell you the truth, this is not the first time my dogs have caught fleas. I had it happen a couple of years ago and, if I remember correctly they were quite a pain to get rid of. I bought a big container of flea powder and rubbed it into the dogs' fur. Expecting the powder to have done its job, I left it at that.

Did the powder do its job? No, the fleas were still there the next day! I had to repeat the process several times before I got completely rid of the infestation.

With this latest infestation I was determined to do things differently and find a more effective treatment that would rid my dogs of fleas quickly and easily...Asking the lady at the pet shop, she recommended me Frontline Spot On. I was a bit skeptical at first as the pipettes inside the box looked quite small and I couldn't imagine them doing much.

Frontline Spot On comes in a three or six pipette pack. The six pack option comes out much cheaper per pipette but the three pack is a good one to buy if you're just checking out if Frontline is actually any good. I took the cautious approach and bought the three pack. It was fairly cheap, so I had not much to loose.

Putting the Frontline on was easy. Just a snip to the top of the pipette, part a small piece of fur on the back of the dog's neck - exposing the skin, and then it was just a case of squeezing all the contents directly onto the skin. You're meant to get as little as possible on any of the fur, but I found this quite impossible as my dogs tended to move around frantically as the liquid was squeezed onto them. I guess they didn't like the cold liquid going onto the back of their necks, but this is a small price to pay for the ridding of a flea infestation.

Since using the treatment the fleas have been totally banished. The instructions say that it kills fleas in the space of around 24 hours and that's exactly what it did. Frontline for Dogs carries on working for two months, protecting the dog from further infestations. When the two months are up, it's just a case of repeating the process again. The three pack will last me six months, so things will be covered for this spring and summer. In winter and autumn, fleas are nowhere near as prevalent so treatment shouldn't be necessary.

If your dog has dog fleas, I heartily recommend this treatment. It certainly beats flea powder and, in my opinion is much more effective.

Joanne Chapman is a part time blog writer who has always had a great affection for dogs. Her two black Labradors play a big part in her life and she likes to keep them healthy. She routinely uses Frontline Spot On to keep her dogs flea free.

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danique July 08, 2011 2:19 PM  

Fleas give me the shivers...

But: i love my Labradors so much!!

Frontline for Dogs November 13, 2012 9:30 PM  

i always use frontline for their fleas...

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