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The Best Training Method Used To Train A Labrador

Have you been wondering how professional dog trainers train a Labrador without frowns? Do you want to use their training method to avoid obedience school training fees? If you answered "yes" in either questions, today is your lucky day. In this article, you will learn the most effect training method used for training dogs. It is called Positive Reinforcement - the happiest training method.

Positive Reinforcement

From the keyword of this training method, you can understand that it is depends on the positivity of an experience. To train a Labrador effectively and to help your Labrador enjoy training, positive reinforcement is the best way to go.

Positive training is about training your dog that whenever he does something good, something good will happens to him. It's pretty much like the golden rule. To train a Labrador to behave well, you can use positive reinforcement. You can train a Labrador to sit for long durations, keep quiet in the car, be friendly to others, and even get beer through positive reinforcement. In short, you can train a Labrador to many GOOD things through positive reinforcement.

Here's how you can train a Labrador effectively through positive reinforcement:

1. Keep Your Treats Accessible

You need to keep your treats with you whenever you are with your dog so you can reward him immediately whenever he does something great. You would definitely love to give your dog a treat whenever he does something really amazing and a hug is insufficient.

2. During The Very Beginning Stage Of Training, Give Your Labrador Treats IMMEDIATELY

By doing so, your Labrador will understand that a certain action will help him earn such a delicious treat, a pat on the head, a hug, or a kiss.

3. When You Train A Labrador, Don't Always Give Treats For Every Obeyed Command

Give your dog a variety of good experiences aside from treats. You can pat your dog, or simply tell him what a good dog he is.

4. Remember To Praise Your Labrador When He Does Good Things

When you train a Labrador, you must always remember to praise him when he does something good, especially during the first days of training.

5. Avoid Giving Treats For No Reason

Teach your dog that the treats he gets are special by not giving him too much treats. You can train a dog to value your affection and whatever you give him if you only give those goodies when he is being a good boy.

Cynthia Harmon is a Labrador trainer who has trained 8 generations of pure bred Labradors. You can read more about Labrador training by visiting her site:

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