Friday, June 24, 2011


Louis, the adorable Labrador Retriever was added to Our Lovable Labradors Group on Flickr.

Louis the Labrador...

Louis the Labrador

Louis has grown a lot in the last 2 weeks! He's now 5 weeks old, and teething. No longer confined to a pen with all of his brothers, they are allowed to run around the property and play. He, and one of his brothers (whom coincidentally a friend of mine has spoken for!), get along particularly well and are practically inseparable, they share their own kennel-sized doghouse, just the two of them. They are the laziest, and most well-mannered of the litter.

Expert Sleeper...

white Labrador Retriever

Louis doing what he does best, no matter where he is. He likes sleeping on the grass for hours...

He's Awake...

white Labrador Retriever

Louis really enjoys his new bed! This is a rare moment of him being awake. He's been the most well mannered dog the last few days, since I took him home. He is already responding to his name, and simple commands such as "sit" or "lay down", and "Kennel" without much fuss. He's slept through the night in his crate the last three nights! It will be nice when his brother comes home next week, maybe he'll not be so lazy with someone to play with! But I don't mind, it's nice that he's so calm and quiet, as opposed to the opposite! I definitely want to play more than he does :P

Photos from: s.yume (Canada)

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