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Cheap Dog Supplies: Finding and Fitting Your Dog's Halti Head Collar

Imagine the scene; a small local shop with very narrow aisles and rickety display cabinets. Then imagine trying to get a 35kg chocolate Labrador in a head collar when he thinks it's a really bad idea. He threw the dog equivalent of a toddler tantrum and I thought "no way can I use this"; however I was 5 months pregnant, it was winter and I also didn't want to be pulled over.

So I bought the Halti harness and thought I'd try to get Bernard (the lab) to like it. I learnt the hard way that some dogs need time to get accustomed to Halti head collars and if you think your dog is the same then read on; we have both tips to get your dog accustomed to it and links to quality yet cheap dog supplies.

You will need about a week to accustom your dog to the Halti head collar. Some dogs will take less and some more. Work at your dog's pace and don't move onto the next step until the dog is comfortable with the previous step.

1. Let your dog sniff the collar. Don't try to put it on him. Feed him treats, encourage him and stroke him when he is putting his head forward to investigate. Get your dog used to the clip sound by opening and closing it.

2. Hold the collar open and, using a treat as a lure, encourage him to put his snout through into the harness. Don't attach the harness; just let it lie loosely on his snout. Give him lots of encouragement and tell him he's clever. Repeat several times a day until he happily puts his head into the harness for a treat. It is important that he voluntarily puts his snout into the harness so don't force him or try to trick him.

3. Once he is happy to put his head into the harness, you can now close it. Don't try to make it fit snugly, just let it be loose at this point. Tell him how clever he is and give lots of praise and treats.

4. Now you can fit the harness to his head according to the instructions on the packet. If your dog loves dinner time, do this before meal time. When the harness is in place, feed him leaving the collar on. If your dog won't eat with it on, attach the harness and play a game with your dog. The idea is to get the dog to associate the harness with something positive. Don't think about attaching a lead at this stage.

5. Fit the harness to the dog several times a day before doing something that the dog enjoys, like feeding him or playing. Slowly increase the amount of time that the dog is wearing the Halti harness. If he starts to rub at the harness, remove it and next time it is on try to remove it before he starts rubbing.

6. Once your dog wears the Halti harness comfortably for 20 minutes or so you can start attaching the lead; but do this in your home or garden. Initially let the lead drag as your dog walks around. Do this a couple of times.

7. Still in your home or garden, hold the lead. Don't pull at it, follow the dog around or get him to move towards you by calling him. Give him lots of treats and encouragement. You should repeat this until you can walk around your home or garden without any signs of problems from your dog.

8. You are now ready to go on a walk. Take your dog's favourite toy or treats with you. If he starts to rub at the Halti head collar, distract him with the toy or treat.

9. After a while, try putting your dog on the head collar at the beginning of a walk, when he is full or energy, and then attaching the lead to his collar on the way home. After a while you may find that you don't need the Halti head collar at all or only at times when there is a lot of excitement. Hopefully this should work for you. It did with me.

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