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Benefits of High Protein Dog Foods

There are continuous debates on the benefits of high protein dog foods for your pets. Most dog owners who would like to try this particular type of diet for their dog are often asking whether a diet high in protein is beneficial for their dogs. Before making any drastic changes to your pet's diet there are some very important factors pet owners should consider before changing their dog's diet to a high protein meal.

Your dog's breed, activity level, physical condition and health are very important factors to consider before trying high protein dog foods. Here are some important facts to remember before trying a high protein diet for your dog:

* Diabetic dogs do require high quality protein dog foods to cope with their condition. High quality proteins are easier to digest and provides adequate nutrients needed by diabetic dogs to manage their diabetes.

* Puppies will greatly benefit from a high protein diet. Proteins are the essential building blocks needed to develop muscles, hair, brain cells and skin. A Puppy's diet should generally consist of 25% - 30% protein for them to grow and develop properly while an additional 17% of fat content is needed for proper brain development and skin health.

* Lactating dogs also benefit from a high protein diet simply because she is producing milk to feed her pups. High amounts of protein are essential for lactating dogs to produce a good quality of milk while supporting her own health. The amounts of protein and fat are usually the same for puppies and lactating dogs.

* Performance or agility dogs require high protein diets. Dogs that are very active or participate in agility competitions requires high protein meals to promote muscle strength and development. Proteins also provide additional calories that burn more slowly compared to carbohydrates. For active dogs the advisable protein content should be about 20% - 25% and fat content should be about 20% to maintain good weight.

* Too much protein for your dogs is harmful is just a MYTH. There is no truth on the fact that high protein dog foods causes kidney diseases. Proteins are processed in the liver and any waste materials are filtered by the kidneys. High quality proteins found in lean meat and eggs does not generate large amounts of waste that puts stress on the kidneys. While the low quality proteins found in animal by products like feathers, horns and hooves are hard to digest and absorb and also generate a lot of waste materials that puts stress on your dog's kidneys. The quality of protein you feed your dog is the key for their overall health and wellness.

Do remember these facts and always consult your veterinarian before making any changes to your dog's diet. The key to high protein dog foods is not the quantity but the quality of the protein you feed your dog. With the right quality and a right balanced diet your dog will be living healthier and will certainly avoid life threatening diseases.

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