Saturday, February 26, 2011

Reinventing the Pet Tag

The MobiPetTags ID Suite kicks the Pet ID industry into the21th century. Using the Microsoft® Tag app and the unique capabilities MobiPetTags, Pet Parents can have quick access to their pet’s information whenever and wherever it’s necessary.

PRLog (Press Release) – Feb 24, 2011 - Reinventing the pet tag, MobiPetTags has advanced from simple pet tags with a number etched on a piece of metal or thick plastic to a modern, high tech one using all of the capabilities of smart phones and the internet. No longer is a pet’s safety dependent upon unreliable and outdated manual record keeping or the drawbacks inherent in microchiping. Once a suite/package has been purchased, the data entered with MobiPetTags is not deleted even if the customer is no longer in contact with the company. In addition, pet profiles are easily updateable.

MobiPetTagNo longer do cats or dogs have to wear multiple tags to prove they have current shots and licenses. The MobiPetTag Suite of services enables Pet Parents to store multiple phone numbers, updates and emergency contacts. It can store microchip identifying numbers, license numbers—old and new, shot histories, medical records, dietary information, certifications and all critical pet information through one quick access pet tag. Owners can even keep records of breeding, training accomplishments, competition awards and special handling instructions all in one place and also tagged on their companion animal.

The MobiPetTag Company is joining the likes of KOA (Kampgrounds of America), Book(ed) Passage, Sports Illustrated, USA Today, Acura, Dentyne, Crown Royal, Foursquare, 3M, Universal entertainment, and the most popular magazine in South America - Huisqenoot Magazine—all businesses which use tag technology. The MobiPetTag System combines the latest in custom 2D bar coding from Microsoft® Tag and the massive capability of the Internet with the 3 billion plus cell phone and computer users to create the largest integrated "Pet Information Portability" System for pets in the world.

The MobiPetTags Suite will enable anyone with an Internet connected cell phone and or a personal computer (over 3 billion in the world today) to identify a lost or injured animal companion immediately by simply scanning the Tag with a mobile phone and with a single click be able to call the owner and/or their veterinarian.

If a pet is lost, making a MobiPetTag emergency call will activate its PetTagAlert system to notify all shelters, clinics, volunteer pet rescuers, animal emergency hospitals, pounds and rescue organizations within a 5 mile radius of where the animal disappeared. Also, an immediate lost pet notification will go out to the national network of MobiPetTag users and social network media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) accounts. A Pet Parent will receive a quick Lost Pet Kit via email which includes ready to print posters as well as special instructions on what to do.

If a pet is injured, especially away from home, and is rushed to the nearest vet for medical treatment, the MobiPetTag System provides quick and easy access to the animal’s medical records through PetCollarTags, PetCallingCards and PetKeyTags. Such access could make the difference between life and death for the animal.

MobiPetTag is not a membership based system but is an integrated product based system. It provides its customers with a Personal Pet Information web page with the pet’s key information and picture; a Pet Collar Tag for small and large pets that have the Microsoft® Tag (pTag) on one side and the pet’s name and access information on the other; PetKeyTags for your key ring with the pet's name and a pTag to a personal Pet Information Page on the front and a pTag to MobiPetTag online Contact Page on the other side; and finally, a PetCallingCards for a wallet or purse, with the pet's picture the pTag to access its personal Pet Information Page on the front and several critical Internet addresses for quick access on the back—including access to our Lost Pet Report page – just in case!

In addition, MobiPetTag offers an additional Shot History/Medical Records/Certificates Page to store pictures of the companion animal’s medical records from its veterinarian for quick faxing on the spot when these records are needed. Today, groomers, boarding kennels, veterinarians, transport services, animal shows, etc. all require key information (shot history, medical records, show certificates, etc.) about the animals they serve. With our custom designed MobiPetTags’, all that information is only as far away as a cell phone.

MobiPetTags ( is dedicated to utilizing technology, especially mobile phone technology to make the life of companion animals easier and safer and to make it easier for Pet Parents to provide the most secure and happy environment for their four-footed friends.

MobiPetTag’s Smart System is a custom 2D bar code application from Microsoft® Tag that provides quick access to your pet’s critical information anywhere/anytime.

Download a copy of the Reinventing the Pet Tag PDF to save to your computer and/or print out.

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Pet Tags Direct April 15, 2011 3:50 PM  

Incorporating pet tags with modern technology is a great idea. If it helps us to recover lost pets then I think it's a great idea.

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