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Free Healthident Dog Dental Treats Sample

Walmart is offering Free samples of Healthident Dog Dental Treats.

About the Free Healthident Dog Dental Treats Sample - "HealthiDent™ Dental Treats for Dogs are a fun way to help reduce tartar in your dog's mouth.+ Combining natural flavors with the plaque-fighting agent. A fun way to give your dog fresh breath and a brighter smile.

Healthident Dog Dental Treats are clinically proven to reduce plaque by 21% and tartar by 65%.

The Free Healthident Dog Dental Treats Sample is available to US residents while supplies last. One sample per household.

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Unknown March 27, 2012 1:11 PM  

I went to Walmart as usual for grocery shopping Sunday 03/18/12. In this occasion for the first time I decided to purchase "HealthiDents"
for my dog which is a treat for dental cleaning. I gave him only ONE
at 2pm and he loved it, he started chewing it slowly in small pieces.
I left at 2:15pm, when I came back around 7:30pm seemed like this
treat got him intoxicated he couldn't walk, he was unbalanced and
looked very sick, then he started vomiting but what he was vomiting was
so thick that I could not believe how his system could digest it... it
looked like "Plaster", the thing you use to fix walls.

It appears that HealthiDents particles did not dissolve then my dog
started drinking water and then vomiting again. After seeing the
texture of what was coming out of his mouth and nose, I said to
myself, this is like plaster and so sticky, there is no way this will
dissolve with water in his system.

My dog got in a lot of pain and kept drinking water with no success.
At the beginning I thought he had an upset stomach so I waited until
1:30-2:00am when I looked online and rushed him to the emergency room. Vet
did x-rays and found out and item stuck in his esophagus, this item was
a piece of this Dental Treat, again, this product particles look and
felt like plaster and was not digestible and not easy to dissolve with
water, MY DOG KEPT DRINKING WATER, then I understood my dog natural
instinct was drinking water to push down this item but this item was so
NOT DIGESTIBLE and DIFFICULT to DISSOLVE with water that stay there,

The water he was drinking was going into his lungs, the Vet offered to
proceed with a very expensive surgery, however, he explained that
complications may happen, he gave me 3 options and of course, my baby
dog was suffering so bad that I could not make him suffer any longer,
then we went for option 3, send him to heaven.

Ricky was born on 06/12/2005, he was 6 yrs old, extremely healthy, I
only purchased this item so he could have healthy teeth but this item
KILLED him, HealthiDents is not digestible enough and can kill any

I did a research on line and found out that "greenies" which is
another product but same as this one has taken dog's life away as

I cant have my dog back but this product needs to go away !!


Alex J. Diaz-Rivera

Fay March 27, 2012 2:47 PM  

My deepest condolences on your loss Alex, my heart goes out to you.

I knew about the possible dangers of Greenies, we had a post way back in 2006 about them:


I appreciate the warning about HealthiDents and advise all dog owner to ALWAYS consult with your veterinarian before giving your pets any of these kind of treats.

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