Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Labrador Retrievers in the News

Here are some recent news stories in regards to our lovable Labrador Retrievers:

At only 5 months old, Kahlua -- a rambunctious Labrador-Retriever mix -- has escaped death twice thanks to luck and a cooperation of animal-lovers across two states. Continue Reading: Rescued puppy gets second chance, but still needs more surgery

We all know how perfectly the show dogs at Westminster look and behave each year, but some of these dogs do more than work the ring -- they help change lives as therapy dogs. Wes, the Labrador retriever, is one of these amazing dogs. And he's starting by "teaching" children. Continue reading: Wes the Westminster Show Dog Helps Children Learn to Read and Write

Zeus, a black Labrador retriever who was living in the Mt. Juliet Shelter, is now living in a training facility in Texas where he is learning job skills that will keep him in demand for many years. He is learning how to sniff out bed bugs. Continue Reading: Detection dog sniffs out job as bed bug hunter

The Fire Department has a new tool, and his name is Pepe. Pepe, a 1-year-old yellow Labrador retriever, is a certified accelerant detector who can sniff out chemicals used to start fires, according to the Fire Department. Continue Reading: Beach Fire Department gets new chemical-sniffing dog

Outside the room, Mickey, a black Labrador retriever belonging to Donny's father's fiancée, started crying. That woke up the teen's father, Donny Richardson Jr., who at first thought the dog just wanted to go outside. But when Mickey kept crying and looking toward the bathroom, Mr. Richardson checked on his son. Continue Reading: Dog rescues stricken teen

Terry and Marie Partington had never owned a dog before getting their Labrador retrievers Dakota and Kiera. But they have definitely joined the ranks of dog lovers today. Continue Reading: Cancer-stricken Lab retriever keeps rolling along happily

A winter walk along the river almost turned tragic for a black Lab named Trooper. The dog left his owner’s side to chase birds and fell through ice, according to Brian Adams, spokesman for Boston’s MSPCA-Angell. Continue reading: Amazing Animal Rescues: On Thin Ice

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Denise Blackman March 05, 2011 6:44 AM  

I came across your blog in Technorati and just had to comment! Great site! I love the pics on your home page. Labs truly are one of the best breeds out there and do make the perfect companion dogs Max, our 10 yr. old black Lab just loves making new friends, both human and canine, and even a few cats too! Max's new blog, maxwell-and-me.blogspot.com has lots of pictures of him doing what labs do best: just loving us back! Thanks for the great stories!

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