Monday, July 05, 2010

Puppy Toilet Training Top Tips

After breeding Labrador Retrievers for close to fifteen years, I have managed to learn a few golden tips on how to overcome some of the not-so-pleasant aspects of owning that new puppy.

So many times I have new owners call me in absolute despair wanting to know how on earth they can get their newest family member to pee or poop ANYWHERE except on the floor of their home. For me, it is a devastating statistic that the number one reason puppies find themselves in shelters is due to house training issues. This is such a simple obstacle to overcome, so long as you know how. So, how do we keep you and your pup from any more accidents that may be starting to stretch your friendship?

House training puppies can be a monumental task if the owner is naive of what specifically is required to have their pup behaving in an acceptable way. Think of it for a minute from the pups perspective... They have just arrived from a litter where their mother has fed, cleaned and disciplined them. Life was pretty easy there, they could mess about with their siblings and pee or poop wherever they liked AND (within the first two weeks of being born) mother would clean the mess up! Your pups mother would also lick and groom the pup clean of everything that stuck to their small body. Then, you came along. You and your pup have arrived back home... Minus the other litter mates and mother. Suddenly, the environment has changed, the social group has changed and the rules are SO unlike to what your pup was used to. Your life has also altered now. You have a little body that needs guidance and boundaries for it to understand what is needed in order to live harmoniously inside your home.

The only truly winning way to teach your pup how to be house trained is (drum-roll please...) for YOU to be trained! Nope, I don't mean that we have to train you to go potty and I'm sure you are house trained by now... However, if you feel you need revision on your own house breaking needs feel free to apply it to yourself :) Pups and dogs in general are creatures of habit.. A little like you and me. They flourish on regularity and thrive with repetitive actions. If you wanted to teach your dog the instruction to sit, you would use that instruction every time you requested it of him. You wouldn't say Plop yourself down or Take a load off along with a myriad of other phrases if all you wanted was for him to simply sit. Using that one term over and over will allow your dog to learn faster and with more success. The same is true for toilet training your pup or dog. If your pup learns that you are clear, consistent and easy to understand this will pave the way for everything your pup needs to know. If, however, he finds that you are frightening, angry and inconsistent you may look forward to a life with a dog that has no clear direction or boundaries on behaviour, and certainly no success at house training him or her.

Knowing the right commands and having the correct environment for your pup to go potty is paramount to your pup or dog learning for life. If you are able to learn some proper techniques to use, pick up on the signals your pup gives you and most of all... BE CONSISTENT, your pup will most certainly thrive under your care. Remember, every mistake teaches your puppy the wrong habit. Knowing what tools you must have for successful training will have your battle already half won. I constantly refer my new puppy owners to my website below for a fast and inexpensive sure fire way to combat the potty accidents, and to achieve a rewarding and satisfying relationship with your pup up for life. I wish you years of enjoyment and puppy potty training success!

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