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Choosing the Right Labrador Retriever Breeder

Once you've decided to add a jovial Labrador Retriever to your family, purchasing your puppy from a reputable and responsible breeder is the best way to assure that your puppy will be healthy, have the good temperament you'd expect from a Labrador Retriever and have an appearance as close to the breed standard as possible.

However, before you set out to find a breeder you'll need to decide exactly what you're looking for. Different breeders have different priorities. Some breeders may strive to produce show quality dogs that will excel in conformation dog shows while others are interested in producing puppies that will excel at being great family pets.

With a responsible breeder, every aspect of the breeding and care is important. Each mating is carefully organized and every litter receives the best possible socialization, nutrition and health care. The responsible Labrador retriever breeder also keeps detailed records on each dog including information such as registration papers, pedigree, health record and show record.

Like any other purchase do your homework and shop around. Once you've found a possible breeder you want to work with, ask a lot of questions. Because reputable and responsible Labrador retriever breeders are very particular about to whom they sell pups, your failure to ask questions may signal to the breeder that you're not serious about owning a dog.

Here are a few questions to ask a prospective breeder:

* What professional affiliations and activities does he participate in?

* How many years has the breeder been active and how many litters has the breeder bred in that time?

* Can you meet sire and dam (father and mother) of the litter?

* What health care have the puppies received and what post placement support does the breeder offer?

Assuming that the breeder has answered your preliminary questions satisfactorily, if possible, make an appointment to see the puppies, their sire and dam.

Every responsible breeder should welcome this visit because it gives them the opportunity to interview you as well. Be on time for the visit and bring a notepad, pen and any other family members that will be involved in the puppy's life.

Labrador retrievers are naturally very affectionate dogs. How do the puppies act around the breeder? Are they excited to see their beloved caretaker or are they indifferent?

Is the puppy area generally clean? Understand that these are babies and an accident or two is probable at any moment but are there signs of long term neglect? Are the puppies being socialized, do they seem skittish around humans or do they waddle right up to you? As you examine the puppies take note of the puppies' general look and demeanor. Are their coats clean? Are they bright eyed and energetic or do they look sick?

Does the breeder seem interested in how you will manage and raise the puppy or is he simply trying to sell you a dog?

A good Labrador retriever breeder knows his puppies and will probably want some information about you and your family. He may want to know where you plan to keep the dog, why do you want a dog and possibly how much you know about Labs. These questions are not designed to violate your right to privacy but to determine whether the breeders' puppies will fit into your particular situation and home. A good breeder will want to know that you are committed to being a good dog owner and you should be hesitant to continue the deal with a breeder without any concern for where the puppies are going to live.

When seeking a Labrador retriever breeder keep in mind that a responsible breeder is someone who works to improve the breed by breeding only the highest quality dog that he possibly can. Anyone can say that they're a responsible breeder but actions speak louder than words.

If you're looking for a professional, caring, Labrador retriever breeder then you should visit, for your next canine companion.

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Labrador Retriever July 26, 2010 10:59 PM  

I absolutely agree, if you should get a Labrador Retriever, look for a responsible breeder. And before getting a dog, decide first on your purpose for having one. Labrador Retrievers, according to, can be good for hunting, tracking, retrieving, police work, narcotics detection, guide for the blind, service dog for the disabled, search and rescue, sledding, carting, agility and competitive obedience aside from being great family pets.

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