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All You Need You Know About Labrador Retriever Puppy Training

Do you have a happy playful Labrador puppy that is starting to become a bit of a handful, well get great tips and advice here and start your Labrador retriever puppy training today.

Training your Labrador puppy from day one is essential, as they have the most playful personalities with boundless energy to go with it. Training your lab puppy from day one will help set boundaries and rules for when they are an adult.

~ Provide A Puppy Crate ~

One of the best things you could ever do for your puppy is provide them with a safe environment to live and sleep in. In the wild dogs would never sleep in open fields or land, so some puppies feel really vulnerable when provided with a big open plan kitchen or room to sleep in. They love small tight spaces so providing a puppy crate is the best thing you could do, to make your puppy feel safe in its new environment.

Introduce the crate slowly by feeding them in it, and you will soon see your puppy going in and out of it with ease.

Using the crate will help with toilet training your puppy, as they do not like to soil their bed, so they will hang onto their bladder longer. The crate can also be used as a time out period for yourself, as having to watch a pup 24/7 can be exhausting. This can give you a tea break and a sit down while your puppy plays with a toy in the crate.

~ Socialize Your Puppy ~

Introducing your puppy to all different noises from the start will help your puppy not be nervous. Car noises, lawn mowers etc are all very important for a dog to get used to, as well as meeting other dogs. It's all a great confidence builder for them.

~ Watch Your Puppy Like A Hawk ~

Labrador retriever puppies love to experiment by putting things into their mouths and having a chew. So watch your puppy like a hawk when in the house, as wires are a favourite, and also outside in the garden as they can easily get caught in a wire fence.

Providing them with a Kong toy which you can fill with treats is great to keep them amused, or a sand pit outside with treats hidden so they can dig and find them.

~ How To Correct Your Labrador Puppy ~

There will be times that you will want to correct your puppy for doing something naughty. Be careful because there is a right and wrong way to do that. When correcting your puppy the timing and your voice tone is critical, always reprimand a puppy when in the act of doing something wrong, never after the event, as they will not know what you are correcting them for. Puppies respond to voice tone, so reprimanding in a guttural tone is far better than smacking, as they will always see that as an aggressive act and you could find that your puppy starts not to trust your actions, and may start to be aggressive towards you.

~Teach Leadership Skills~

Your puppy should always look to you as the leader of the pack, so here are some top tips.

1. Go through all doorways in front of your puppy.

2. Don't allow your puppy to sit on the window ledge or back of the sofa.

3. Never play tug with your puppy.

4. Always have your puppy walking next to you on a lead, never in front.

5. Ignore your puppy on arrival for a short time, and all attention seeking behaviour like barking at you to do something.

Providing a safe haven and a little training will make your Labrador retriever puppy very happy and you will see a well behaved dog.

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