Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Labrador Retriever Christmas Gifts - Hyper Products

With Christmas around the corner, my children make their list of what to get their siblings and our two lovable Labrador Retrievers. While searching the Internet we came across some products of interest for my Labrador Retriever girls and I thought I would share them with the readers of this blog (just in case you haven't pick up your gifts yet).

I'll be posting future post with other Labrador Retriever Christmas Gifts.

Hyper Products makes many unique interactive toys for your Labrador Retriever but we like the Doggie Driver or the Hyper Dog Launcher (available with 2 or 4 ball launcher).

We figured The Doggie Driver will be a gift for dad as well as our two Labrador Retriever girls as it provides practicing his golf swing while exercising our dogs. Swings like a regular golf club, this slobber-free tennis ball launcher will send your Labrador Retriever in pursuit up to 100 yards. After your Labrador returns the ball, just push the open end of the Doggie Driver against the ball to pick it up. Nice and easy.

Watch this beautiful Labrador Retriever have some fun with the Hyper Products Doggie Driver.

The Hyper Dog Ball Launcher shoots tennis balls away, up to 220 feet, for your Labrador Retriever to fetch. It's slingshot design allows you to play catch over and over without getting doggie drool on your hands and makes picking up the ball easier.

Watch these very energetic Labrador Retrievers show of using the Hyper Dog Ball Launcher!

Hyper Products offers many other interactive toys for your Labrador Retriever as well as treats, training aides and cool gear.

You can find Hyper products at just about any main dog supply store or any easy search of the Internet will bring you plenty of results (PetCo, Amazon, etc).

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seo greece June 20, 2011 12:30 PM  

Really nice post and i like all of these video's.

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