Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Free Bubbles n' Beads shampoo and conditioner sample

Bubbles n' Beads is a complete time-saving, 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner.

It's micro-beads deliver vitamins and conditioners to the skin and a blend of 14 amino acids:

1. improves coat strength and shine

2. makes the coat noticeably softer to the touch

3. replenishes cells to heal skin damage.

Information from Happytails Canine Spa:

"When you're entirely covered with hair, a bad hair day is no laughing matter. But with all that hair it's hard to get to the root of the problem– the roots. Bubbles 'n Beads has the solution: Our all-natural shampoo contains exclusive micro-beads packed with conditioning vitamins. The beads penetrate the coat, burst against the skin, delivering their nutrients right where they’re needed; at the follicle. The result is a healthier, shinier more lustrous coat."

Right now they are offering a free 1 oz sample size of Bubbles 'n Beads. You will receive a confirmation e-mail, so make sure you watch for it. I also received a free 20% Promo Code for a future order in my e-mail.

Head on over to the Happytails website if you would like to request a free Bubbles n' Beads shampoo and conditioner sample

Be advised, the first 500 responses per week will receive free sample. If you don't get it this week, don't forget to try again next week. Available in the USA and Canada.

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