Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Free sample of Natural Nibbles Dog Treats

Natural Nibbles is offering a free sample of their dog treats.

From Natural Nibbles:

Introducing Natural Nibbles®: The tempting new dog treat that was developed with great taste AND your Best Friend’s healthy longevity in mind…

Our Goal: To craft an unparalleled tantalizing treat, from only the highest quality ingredients, which will both satisfy Pampered Pets and exceed the nutritional expectations of their Discriminating Owners.

Our Promise: Each one of Natural Nibbles® four mouthwatering-flavors are specially formulated for optimal canine health using only the finest all-mea ingredients and essential supplements. We never use animal by-products, fillers, or artificial colors, flavors and preservatives – and that’s a promise.

Our Guarantee: Natural Nibbles® treats are created domestically, using only premium meats from the USA. Our treats are minimally processed, thanks to our exclusive NutraSafe™ method, which preserves their nutritional integrity and mouth-watering real-meat flavor – while keeping them free of preservatives, pathogens, or pesticides.

Our Pride: Developed by dog enthusiasts - perfected by nutritionists - loved by dogs. We are proud to be an innovator of distinctively tasteful and guilt-free solutions to the average dog treat that are just as unique as your pet. Now you can still treat your Dog and give them a long and happy life with Natural Nibbles™.

The Difference Is Simple: Simply Nutritious. Simply Exceptional. Simply… Natural Nibbles.

As always, with most samples listed on the All About Labradors blog, don't delay in making your request or they will be gone. The offer is for the USA only.

Visit Natural Nibbles website to learn more and request your free sample of Natural Nibbles Dog Treats.

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