Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chocolate Labrador Retriever with sensitive stomach - UPDATE

Here is an update from a reader's e-mail question regarding her two female chocolate Labrador Retriever's with sensitive stomachs.

You can read that entire e-mailed question here: Chocolate Labrador Retriever with sensitive stomach

Subject: Chocolate Labrador Retriever with sensitive stomach - UPDATE

From: Cynthia (USA)

Labrador Retriever's Name: Reese and Hannah

Dear Fay,

Thank you SO much for your response AND for turning to an expert for further advice. My girls Reese and Hannah appreciate it as well!

Reese has the most sensitive stomach with explosive diarrhea and rectal bleeding, while Hannah's belly is much more tolerable. I went to homemade food after simply changing the bag of holistic food caused Reese these episodes.

After having them fully tested by the vet, I have Hannah on Wellness Holistic Puppy Food. She has been doing great with the change! Reese, on the other hand, I continue to cook for.....a meal of boiled pasta/rice, boiled beef/eggs, and a small amount of yogurt. I have started her on a holistic multivitamin supplement from Cutter's Mill (an organic Pet Food store) in my area. Crossing my fingers she continues to do well with no episodes of rectal bleeding.

I give them carrots as snacks which seem to be tolerated by both fairly well. I have never had a lab with stomach issues, in fact every other lab I have had could eat anything and everything!

I will certainly go ahead with the Aloe and green beans. I don't think I could swallow making chicken gizzards/hearts/etc in a saute of olive oil though!

Thanks so much!

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