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Yellow Labrador Retriever losing hair in patches - part two

This is part two of a two part e-mail question. To read part one of this e-mail question visit Yellow Labrador Retriever losing hair in patches - part one

Subject: Yellow Labrador Retriever losing hair in patches on various parts of her body

From: David (USA)

Readers E-mail - David Writes:

David's answers to my questions are colored in green.

How long has the problem been present and has it occurred before?
Not long only a couple of weeks.

Is the hair missing, broken or chewed off short?
Looks like it fell out

Are the areas of hair loss itchy for Winnie?
She doesn't scratch at it.

Is she constantly licking the areas of hair loss?
We haven't seen her do it.

Are all the hairless area raw and inflamed?
No, kind of scabbed and thick skinned

Are the areas a particular shape?
No, just balding

What do you feed Winnie?
High protein, high fat food

Does Winnie's paws itch?
We have never watched her rubbing or chew on them

Does Winnie scoot?

Do you find yourself itching?
No, but there are a lot of ticks around.

What do you bath Winnie in?
Whatever shampoo we use

Is Winnie an emotional or nervous dog?
No really mellow and gentle

Any fleas present on Winnie?
Not that we can see, this is more of a tick area.

Any discoloration or darkness to skin where hair loss is?
No, just scabbed and in some spots are bloody.

How is the rest of her coat (oily, dry, smelly, etc)?
She has never had a smooth coat of fur. It has always been kind of frizzy feeling, but she does stink now no matter how much i wash her.


All About Labradors Blog Answer:

Hi David,

The information given here is to help you learn more about your Labrador Retriever and not to replace your veterinarian's advice. Disclaimer

There are many different reasons for hair loss with our Labrador Retrievers. It can be anything from parasites to infections, hormone problems to nutritional deficiencies. Many of these conditions we can usually eliminate due to your answers of no itching or licking going on.

Continue Reading...

What might have occurred with Winnie is something that happens with many dogs during pregnancy, that being excessive shedding of the hair.

Many female Labrador retrievers who are nursing puppies will lose a large amount of hair. With dogs, the hair is not always growing. The growth phase of the hair cycle during which new hair is formed is called anagen. The resting phase of the follicle in the hair cycle is called telogen.

During pregnancy and nursing, hairs may enter the resting phase (telogen) prematurely and shed simultaneously, resulting in what is called "blowing the coat". The hair loss at this time may come out in large clumps.

What you also must know, is that this is not abnormal, it happens in many pregnant and nursing bitches. The hair will grow back. You might even observe a different texture to the new hair or a darker coat.

It is important that you make sure you are feeding Winnie a high quality food during the nursing phase.

What I would recommend David is a appointment with your veterinarian especially considering she just had a litter not long ago. Not to mention the fact that you state she has never had a good coat and she smells no matter how much you wash her.

A rancid odor is usually often the first sign of a skin infection. Infections will usually cause scaly red rashes, open sores, boils and/or pimples.

A healthy Labrador Retriever, eating a good diet and brushed regularly, usually will not have an odor problem unless it finds something foul to roll in. The brushing ( which is great during the "blowing the coat" phase) will help to keep your Labrador Retriever clean.

I would definitely recommend getting a good shampoo for Winnie, not just using whatever shampoo you use. Your veterinarian can advise you on a good choice. Also remember healthy Labrador Retrievers don't need to be bathed frequently, as I only bath mine when absolutely necessary.

As for the bleeding to the ankle you want to make sure you keep the area clean. You can give Winnie periodic soaks in a soothing mix of cool water and colloidal oatmeal (Aveeno). Be advised that a sore that doesn't heal means that something more serious is going on.

I hope this helps you out David (and Winnie). Please keep me advised on her condition, and if you do take her to your veterinarian, let me know what they say as it will be useful to the other readers of the All About Labradors blog.

Take care of yourself and Winnie,


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