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Chcocolate Labrador Puppy with Red Eyes

This e-mail was sent in from Priscilla in regards to her five month old chocolate Labrador Retriever's (Lola) red eyes.

Readers E-mail - Priscilla Writes:

I have a chocolate lab that is 5 months old she sometimes her eyes look very red specially from the bottom eye lid is something wrong with her or are her eyes red because she just woke up.

I just started noticing it that her bottom eyelid looks like if its to low and red but my husband says she is fine Or could she have hit her eye?

My Answer:

Hi Priscilla,

Thank you for writing. Sorry for the delay in answering your questions, as I receive many e-mails and sometimes it takes me some time to get caught up.

For me to try to assist you with your problem, I have a couple of questions to ask:

When you look at her eyes, are they irritated and/or watery?

Does Lola squint or shy away from light?

Is she blinking repeatedly?

Is she constantly pawing or scratching her eyes?

Take a look at her eyelids; do they appear turned inward or outward?

Have you noticed any change in the color -blue or gray? Are they cloudy?

Any kind of discharge (thick, yellow or green) from her eyes?

Do you notice any growths (looks like little piece of loose skin) on the eyelid?

Does Lola have any problem with running into stationary objects in her path?

Any other medical problems?

Priscilla, please get back to me with the answers to these questions.

Readers Response - Priscilla Writes:

Thank you for writing back.

It is only the left eye that looks irritated from the bottom not watery

She doesn't squint or shy away from light

She is not blinking repeatedly

Not pawing or scratching her eyes

Her left bottom eyelid appears turned outward.( I can tell it looks different than her right eye)

Eye color is the same ( hazel kind of greenish)

No discharge

No growths

She does run into everything inside the house but that is when I throw the ball for her to get. Is it because she wants to get it that bad that she runs into everything?

She has no medical problems.

My Answer:

The information given here is to help you learn more about your Labrador Retriever and not to replace your veterinarian's advice. Disclaimer

Thanks for the response to my questions, and the great pictures. Looks like you have your hands full with them. They are both so adorable!

Irritations of your Labrador Retrievers eye(s) in a dog can be caused by many different things: dust and dirt, running into things, allergies, lashes growing inward/outward, fighting, and more.

Some possible causes of Lola's eye problem:

She could have hit her eye as you mentioned in your e-mail. Our Labradors are always running around, jumping, playing, and will run face first into things (branches, tables, etc). Scratches to the eye, irritations will cause some major redness to her eye(s). This redness can be present for a few hours or a few days.

Lola could also have something trapped under her eyelid, such as dust, dirt or other debris. Anything trapped will definitely cause the redness to her eye.

Allergies can also cause a reddening of her eye(s)

There is a possibility she has a condition called Ectropion - the lower lid is loose, droops, and eyelashes actually turn outward. This creates a pocket or pouch, allowing debris to accumulate, that cause irritation and inflammation which may lead to infection. Mild cases are treated with eye drops or ointments which help to alleviate the irritations and to prevent infections. In more severe cases, a surgical procedure is done.

What I would do Priscilla is I would rinse Lola's eyes out with a good dog eyewash and also take a look to see if any debris are in her eyes. You can use the corner of a tissue to wipe away an object from her eyes (Never, never use tweezers to remove objects). I would also take her to your veterinarian (or at least give them a call) to have the eye checked further.

Here is a site for further reference in regards to eye conditions which may be of some help to you.

I hope I have been of some help to you and Lola. Please keep me updated on her condition and what the veterinarian tells you if you take her for a visit. Any further information you provide will be helpful to me and the other readers of All About Labrador blog. If you have any other questions on this matter or any other matter, I'm just an e-mail away.

Take care of yourself and those beautiful Labrador Retrievers.

Click on her name to see some photos of the adorable Lola

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