Sunday, April 29, 2007

You own a Labrador if...

Once again, I would like to give a big thank you to my friend Cor who wrote this and let me post it to this blog.

Cor owns a beautiful Labrador Retriever named Cracker, who you can see more of by visiting his site The page of Cracker . You can also see pictures of Cracker on the new Labrador Retriever Pictures blog.

You own a Labrador if...

1. You have rust rings all over the kitchen counter from putting your trashcan up there.

2. Under your couch is always a stock of tennis balls. It would take a sports shop at least a week to sell them all.

3. Every piece of clothing you own, the couch, your bed and anything else that feels soft, is covered with hair from your Lab's fur.

4. There are always paw prints on your kitchen counters.

5. All toy squeaky animals miss their squeakers, all stuffed animals miss their stuffing.

6. You bought a bigger bed, to keep your dog happy.

7. You bought an extra pillow, to keep your dog happy.

8. You bought a station wagon to take your Labrador to the forest / beach / other water.

9. Your backyard looks like a archaeological area. Even the Dino bones are there.

10. Your kids never have dirty hands or faces.

11. You never find a pair of shoes in one place. The most probable distance between the left and the right shoe is at least five meters.

12. You never have to clean the kitchen floor, because your Lab finds every crumb, before you can reach it.

13. You don't own an alarm clock, because your Lab wakes you every morning with a firm Labrador kiss.

14. Even in full winter the window of your car is open, so your Lab can catch the air.

15. Your Christmas tree has a ball-free zone, so your dog can wag his tail.

16. Everything that you ever painted has some Lab hairs included.

17. Your wood pile is never neatly stacked, because your Lab wants to prove he's a real Retriever.

18. In winter you can never feed the birds: the water and the food are gone before one bird could touch it.

19. You have broken or mangled at least one finger, because your Labrador saw a prey on the street.

20. You have permanent bruises on your legs at exactly the height of your Labs tail.

21. The space around his drinking bowl is more wet than his drinking bowl itself, because your Lab drinks water and forgets to swallow.

22. You are the only person in your neighborhood, who regularly finds tennis balls in the dish washer.

23. Toys, gloves, remote controls and other small things are put on a shelf or in a closet.

24. Kitchen towels always have holes in them.

25. Lost things can usually be found in the dogs basket or in the backyard. If not, they are in a place you wouldn't think of searching.

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