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Yellow Labrador Retriever Losing Hair on Sides - part III

This is part three of an e-mail from Connie, in regards to her yellow Labrador Retriever's (Cosmo) hair loss on both of his sides.

Connie's Response:

Not too many people are interested in talking "dogs", so I appreciate all the emailing about Cosmo! I never thought I "liked" dogs and having him has proved me wrong and THEN SOME!

As for anxiety, he was definitely the nervous one in the litter that cried a lot, kind of jumpy. We met him at 4 weeks, 6 weeks and took him home at 8 weeks and he was the noisy one! Having him for 1 1/2 years now, he is definitely more on the mellow side now. I think the melatonin will help him--maybe he needs the hormone. He seems really good this week.

I feel like it is the "seasonal Flank alopecia" versus the dysplasia. That is just my guess. Again, if he is not better in a month, the vet said she would like to take a skin biopsy!

I have been giving him the omega pills and the melatonin for one week now. I feel that his coat looks shinier, less dull! Maybe it is my imagination. He is not tired or lazy after the melatonin. He can be lazy due to adjusting to our schedule--quiet during the day and crazy when 3 kids come home from school! He seems to have a little spark this week that I haven't seen? Again, maybe my imagination. I have been playing him and walking him to keep him outside with fresh air during the day. I think this will be a good treatment with no side affects.

I also read that brushing brings out their natural oils, so I have started brushing on a daily basis -- lightly, not too hard. What do you think about brushing?

I did buy a shampoo recommended by the vet. He doesn't need to bathe right now. Do you think that is okay on a monthly basis if he needs it?

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The loss of hair is not as extreme as some of the photos, but it is something you can see. He, in my opinion, is a beautiful male, yellow lab, so I would love to see that coat full and shiny BUT This is not unhealthy for him, so I will not worry too much about his coat!

Anyway, I feel much better this week -- He has been up a lot more this week running around and his coat looks a bit more shiny/less dry. Thanks - Connie and Cosmo

All About Labradors Answer:

I'm glad to hear you feel Cosmo may be improving (maybe). Also glad to hear that the Malatonin doesn't make him sleepy, which was something you worried about.

My first lab, Dakota is a nervous one. She will pace back and forth at times, was very jumpy, nervous barking. The kids have given her the nickname "Nervous Nellie". She had developed some white/gray patches (at about 2 years old) on her coat, around mouth area, tail and a streak or two on her body. I do believe that this was caused from her nervousness. She gets a good food, and has no allergies or any other medical conditions about her. Not a thing wrong with her to this date (she's three now), and nothing that I worry about. I think she looks beautiful with the color!

As for washing Connie, I only wash when they smell, which isn't much. I don't believe they need to be bathed unless they are actually dirty and smelly.Sometimes I wash mine once a month, usually though its much longer than that.

Just remember that washing your Labrador too frequently eliminates too much of the natural oils and can dry out the skin. When you do wash, make sure you rinse shampoo out thoroughly. Sometimes I don't even use shampoo, just water, such as after they coming out of the pool.r.

You are correct with the brushing bringing out the natural oils, as well as helping to control SHEDDING! You will be surprised how clean and nice smelling Cosmo will be with brushing. I use a shedding blade for my girls. You can also use a slicker brush, natural bristle or nylon brush. I try to brush daily ( lightly ), if not, then at least every couple of days. They don't require a daily brushing (they can get by with a weekly brushing), but I find that every couple of days keeps their coats clean, shiny and helps immensely with shedding.

Love the " I never thought I "liked" dogs and having him has proved me wrong and THEN SOME! " comment. They truly are amazing. No matter what kind of day you have, they always act the same toward you, providing unconditional love. I glad your enjoying him.

Take care of yourself and Cosmo,

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If you would like to see a photo of Cosmo, click on his name Cosmo 5/09/07

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Unknown February 09, 2011 5:03 PM  

Hi. My husband and I read this entire email thread as we believe our yellow lab, Hank, may have the same issue. I know this email chain is a few years old, but I wanted to know what the final diagnosis was for Cosmo. Hank is almost 2 years old and has battled ear infections and allergies constantly. We were planning to get him allergy tested but then decided to hold off for now as the success rate is low. When I asked the vet about his hair loss, she was not concerned at all and said it was a result of the medication he is on for his ears. He was on Predisone which made him very thirsty, hungry and tired. It worked for his itching, but I didnt want him on it long. He has also been on Otomax a majority of his 2 years for the ear infections. Is this true, do you believe the ear meds are causing the hair loss? Any ideas or comments would be appreciated. Hank is our son and we love him so much and just want to make sure he is OK! Thanks, Mandi

Fay February 14, 2011 7:09 PM  

Hi Mandi, thanks for your comment. We answered your comment as a post, you can see it here:

Please keep us advised of Hank's condition.

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