Friday, April 13, 2007

Recalled Dog Food News

Hello everyone, hope all is well. I've been following the recalled dog foods news and just wanted to pass along some interesting articles I have read. I would also like to send out my deepest condolences to everyone who lost their loving pets due to the contamination of the food.

The first article has to do with Mark Wiens, the chief financial officer of Menu Foods Income Fund. Mr Wiens states it's a "horrible coincidence" that he sold nearly half his shares in the company less than three weeks before the tainted pet food recall.

Pet food insider sold shares before recall

The second article was published March 23, 2007, and goes on to talk about rat poison in the food and how Menu Foods waited nearly a month before notifying the public.

Rat Poison Found In Tainted Pet Food

I don't know if its just me, but what I'm getting from this, is that Mr Wiens sold his shares almost around the same time the contamination was found. Was this just another "horrible coincidence".

As for Menu Foods offering compensation to anyone who lost their pets, I ask this. What possible compensation can you offer to anyone who have lost their beloved pet? The cost of the food, or the cost of the veterinarian fees is hardly fair compensation for such a loss.

Please let me know your thoughts / comments on this terrible tragedy.

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